Fay (31 Jan 2016)
"Who Controls the Media?"


Well - this article makes sense. Like you all, I have been frustrated and hopping mad over media coverage. We are told it's because the "liberals" rule the roost.  An excuse and cover. Giving these monstrous people an out - under the guise of their misguided policies and, seemingly altruistic beliefs. The truth is much grubbier. Money has bought the media. There are a lot of Jew haters out there who love to print endless articles on how Jews control the media. - worship satan .... blah blah. If Jews control the media - how come Israel  and Jewish people get such bad press? How come the arab nations have such an irrational hatred of the Jewish presence in Israel? How come the world media and their governments, sympathise so slobberingly over a fake people and nation called Palestine? If the Jews really did control the media, the story would be very different, wouldn't it now? These media trolls show up on alternative media as well. Their push to discredit the Jewish people has, sadly, found an audience.

Search google for all the miracles, from God, that occurred when modern day Israel was forced into war. Incredible miracles. The testimonies are astonishing. Would Almighty God bring these miracles about for so-called "fake Jews"? I think not.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and that they will be done, LORD.