Fay (31 Jan 2016)
"Prophetic Word 2"


Following on........... I have been praying and pondering on this situation. We know, through scripture, that great deception will come upon the world in the end times. SUCH great deception that it will even fool the elect, if that were possible. The USA has been like Big Daddy to the vulnerable state of Israel since her rebirth in 1948. Israel (with secular understanding) probably believe they are screwed without the US of A's support. This will probably lead them to signing "the covenant with death", spoken of in scripture. No common sense involved - just sheer fear and vulnerability. Israel will be offered a deal that they simply cannot refuse. Without relying on their GOD, they are extremely reliant on the Big Boys of world power. This is God Almighty's intention. To wake Israel - His chosen and beloved people - to the fact that it is He alone that can save them. No more shenanigans with earthly powers - who deny the God of Israel and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Israel will learn - the hard way - just who her Husband is. Her Protector. This looming final battle - soon to take place - will dispel any doubts.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and that thy will be done.