Fay (31 Jan 2016)
"Michelle re post to Rene regarding Nathan"

Hi Michelle - I am not sure what your question entailed. If it is regarding the veracity of the Jewish people - we have discussed this on Doves many times. Scripture is very clear about Israel, Jerusalem and her people, Israel. Almighty God did not promise to draw the Jewish people back to a resurrected Israel, only to allow it to be inhabited by "fake Jews". I assume you have studied the Biblical history of the Jewish people's relationship with God? How ad why they were chosen by God? God's everlasting covenant with them? How loved and treasured the people and land of Israel are to God? Jerusalem being the jewel? Unless of course, you have been drawn into the gob smacking replacement theology lie, you may have been heavily influenced by those who claim to be the REAL Jews. You know the ones. The whole convoluted European lie. How Almighty God, in these end times, would agree to using "fake Jews" as the world's prophecy marker in His precious, precious land, is beyond me. Remember - the "intellectuals" spreading this outrageous lie, are devious and sneaky. It's all part of attempting to destroy the Jewish people - their right to The Land. The best way to convince the world that these Jewish people have NO right to The Land is to destroy their credibility. Paint them as monsters. Cruel to the Palestinians and usurpers in the Middle East. Now THAT would justify going to war with Israel. Wouldn't it? Wrench it away from the "fake Jews". Ridiculous. Talk about satan and his lying wonders.

Regarding "Those who call themselves Jews but are not" remains a mystery BUT will soon be revealed. Logically, these people have immense political and financial power. Are in positions to influence the political landscape regarding the Middle East whilst masquerading as Jewish. People like George Soros spring to mind.

Here is the link to your post. I am praying that you have not fallen for this grotesque lie and your question involved something else.

Rene, concerning Nathan