Doug L (31 Jan 2016)
"Come Holy Spirit and light the fire !"

 Church - we are divided by our own personal preferences and not united by The Holy Spirit who will lead us ALL into ALL Truth. We are therefore, weak and powerless to demonstrate or defend our faith. We must cry out to God to gather us together in both Spirit and Truth so that we can worship Him as He desires. Apart from Him - we can do nothing but with Him all things are possible -to him who believes. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We are ALL called to unite with one mind and Spirit untill we ALL come to a full knowledge of Christ Jesus. He is the measure and stature to which we are to attain. This then will be a sign to - family, friends, community, city and county. Now is the time to occcupy the land for the Lord. Come Holy Spirit and light the fire !
Doug L