1 Cor 10:31 (31 Jan 2016)
"In these days, do not ever be too trusting"

I guess b/c we’ve been around the block so many times, & through the years we’ve had several bad things happen to us.  After a while of this, it’s very easy to become cynical or at the very least, extra cautious!  Whether you’ve had your share of bad things, too – or not, either way, easy to presume most people in today’s world are “up to no good”.  Please be cautious.


Just a bit ago an older teenager went walking down the road, purposely chatting with my husband, a big cheery, “hello neighbor!”   DH told me he had NO IDEA who it was…. Someone he’d never seen before.  Obviously it was a BOGUS, “hello NEIGHBOR” ~ to get us to really believe that… setting us up for the kill.


Interestingly it wasn’t but a few minutes later, the same guy comes walking BACK and yells out to DH:  “Neighbor?  Can I use your bathroom for like 40 seconds?”    DH turned him down flat.  (whew, good!!  If he wouldn’t have, I would have…. Not pulling rank here, but again, too many “bad things” in life makes you cautious & concerned!)


Precautionary measures state that you absolutely do not allow a stranger in your house!!  Even IF he “claims” to be a neighbor!!  (that too was most likely a big, fat lie!)  They’ll use any excuse to get in.  Then rob you, take pictures, look at “where” your toys/computers/valuables are, or even leave something there (to “pin on you” later!)  Has anyone ever considered if there’s a window, they could easily UNLOCK it …. & sneak back in later when you are most unsuspicious & unaware?


Be careful & alert!  DANGEROUS world we live in!!


The rapture can’t happen soon enough as far as most of us are concerned.  

Pray it will be the first quarter of this year!