1 Cor 10:31 (31 Jan 2016)
"say WHAT is in my salt????!!!"

Okay, so I picked up some salt packets from a fast-food place (restaurant starts with letter, “W”) and read that there is sodium silico aluminate in it.  Wikipedia describes it as: 

Sodium aluminosilicate refers to compounds which contain sodium, aluminium, silicon and oxygen, and which may also contain water. These include synthetic amorphous sodium aluminosilicate, a few naturally occurring minerals and synthetic zeolites.


YUM, YUM, we’re eating ALUMINUM in our salt!!  (Please research the possible connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s!  And although the “spurts”  or the EX-purts  would have us believe there is inconclusive evidence….. yet still you wonder.)  Please research.


So then I pick up a packet of salt that claims it’s sea-salt from fast food joint, Chick ___ - _   (place the conservatives in US love partly b/c they get a bad rap from the liberals) ~ and lo & behold, in it there is “yellow prussiate of soda”  (YPS).


Now what EXACTLY is that??




Cyanide in salt?  Who woulda “thunk”, right? 


Oh my, people!! Can you say: LAST DAYS LIVING??


Tip of the week:  you may possibly want to consider eating either Celtic Salt or Himalayan (pink or grey) salt …. Which is PURE salt with real (natural) minerals in it, (not stripped like regular table salt & not with “synthetic” minerals added back in).  The real authentic minerals are good for our electrical system which includes our hearts (more on that for another time).  If you do not have a health food store near you, these particular products can easily be found online.


And heaven only knows “WHAT” is in the salt packets that are unlabeled!  The ones that merely say, “made for such & such a restaurant”.



Another tidbit of info:  the goals of “Agenda 21” BEGAN on Jan. 1, 2016.  What is that?  It’s where the elite want the world all to themselves.  They consider everyone else bottom feeders who are merely using up THEIR resources, be it food, air, water, or commodities.  The elite, the super-rich, and the all-powerful are a part of this.  Their 15 year goal is to wipe 6.5 BILLION people off the earth – so that they, the 500 million can dwell here BY THEMSELVES in peace. 

Ah!!  Ain’t that “nice” of them??!!


What they DO NOT KNOW is that God is going to have HIS Hand in helping reduce the world’s population by 90%!!!!!   It’s called The Great Tribulation a.k.a. “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”.


I’ll leave you to connect the dots!  They don’t care “how” they kill people – whether something fast or something slow, whether a planned assassination or whether by “seasoning” the salt that leads to disease that leads to death.  I do not believe in conspiracy “theories”, I believe in conspiracy “realities”.


I’m not casting stones here, but have you ever out of pure curiosity researched to see who was behind getting aspartame approved & on the market?  “Back then” I thought he was a “good guy”, you know, one of the ones wearing a white cowboy hat like in the era gone by of western movies (where you COULD TELL who was the good guy & who was the bad guy.) 


Anyway, did he sell us out so he could pocket that mega-million dollar bonus?  Or, just cause he was so driven by a force to help poison the entire planet?  Don’t know!  Judgment Day will tell all! 


Meanwhile all we can do is sigh at the vast numbers of people who’ve been killed or maimed for life by using a product that was marketed to be healthy.  (This includes a friend who refused to listen & came down with Parkinson’s in his ‘40s!!)  Still gulps down the diet drinks, too…. While his hands shake horribly in trying to get the drink to his mouth.


I used to, without mercy, tease someone else I knew who chronically gulped the diet drinks.  I told him the box of aspartame I’d gotten was to “kill ants”!  And that I was leaving it here for the people during the Tribulation.  It was all one big joke to him.  He was like, “will you PLEASE leave me alone?!”  {BTW he was starting to get the shakes, too!!}


Then as things would have it, (possibly Romans 8:28 in his life?!) he lost his job.  So he started looking into (of all things)  natural whole foods compared to synthetic.  He even began a new career of selling whole food supplements!  Truly, all because I used to rattle his cage about the “gunk” he was drinking!


Believe me, I know how it is:  you get tired of hearing that EVERYTHING we eat or drink is bad for us…..

Now for the good, day brightening news?


Lord Jesus IS coming soon!!!


Since we have a time even finding pure salt to eat—let’s BE THE SALT & light, as instructed, during what little time we have left!  Keep those wicks trimmed, OIL in those lamps & keep that neck crooked towards the sky!  Oh yeah, better keep those ears cleaned out, too!  We don’t want to miss hearing that trumpet.


Pray MARANATHA with me!!