TH (11 Jan 2015)
"G E T   TO   K N O W   T H E   L O R D"


         G E T   TO   K N O W   T H E   L O R D

Really, get to know HIM.  And if you don't Hear HIS VOICE,  HE DOESN'T
KNOW YOU ! !    And you know what happens when HE tells you HE doesn't
know you?  You get thrown into hell with the demons, fallen angels, and yeah,
even satan himself.  Better do whatever it takes in your life to have HIM speak
to you personally, and more than once. Have a conversation with HIM, tell HIM how sorry you are for being less than you could be
for HIM. Ask HIM to forgive you for that and tell HIM that you Love HIM and are
grateful to HIM for all the little Blessings you know HE has given you.
HE confirms HIS LOVE for you by showing you "bit" of HIS Love for you. Once
you have felt that "Agape" Love, you will NEVER be the same.  It's value is
beyond monetary figures, it is absolutely priceless !   It will sustain you in your
Journey in getting to know the LORD better each day. (Oh, don't be hard on
yourself if you miss a couple days, HE understands.)   Getting to Know HIM on
a PERSONAL basis is a guarantee of  Eternal Life. It says so in the Bible.  

                MARANATHA !

                        T H