Sherry Vance (11 Jan 2015)
"To Randy - Another "Piece of the Puzzle"......"

Important News!!!!!
I receive news from a website called and below you will see the press release they released just yesterday.  It is very exciting....basically they are asking people to petition the Israeli government to allow a proper excavation of Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found) because they believe the Copper Scroll (housed in the Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem...which I've been to numerous times and have seen the Copper Scroll) is a virtual "treasure map" of where at least two of the prophets and others recorded the secret burying of the Temple Treasures.
If you recall, in Ezekiel 38, it is scripturally stated that Gog & Magog (Russia & Iran) will "come down onto the hills of Jerusalem to take a spoil, to plunder."  If I asked you what is so valuable that would cause these "hooks in the jaws" to draw them to attack Jerusalem, what would you say?  Probably the same thing I've said because I've read it >>> i.e., Israel has recently found substantial amounts of natural gas and oil offshore.  But after reading the article below, a lightbulb went off in my head - Russia and Iran will want the Temple Treasures!!!  Why?  Because of the massive amounts of GOLD!!! 
The Copper Scroll records that even the inner walls of the Temple were sheathed in gold....and allowing for that alone, it would be worth over a billion, two hundred million dollars!  And get this >>> it is right NOW -almost half way through the Jewish New Year, and at the beginning of our New Year- that these archeologists believe they have found the treasure map written in the Copper Scroll that recorded where a team of men buried the Temple Treasures to keep them safe. 
Having been to Qumran numerous times and been guided and walked the area (even going down into the Mikvah which the copper scroll speaks of) I am convinced after reading the article below that the exact archeological clues and measurements, etc. are truly about to reveal these treasures!  The timing couldn't be better >>> we are about 9 months away from a Jubilee Year - the 70th Week - and the imminent rebuilding of the temple.  Can anyone IMAGINE the significance of Israel finding these Temple Treasures THIS YEAR - in time for the rebuilding of the Temple right after Ezekiel 38???  Are the Temple Treasures what entices Gog & Magog to come take a spoil and to plunder???  AND, remember, THIS BATTLE WILL BE THE DECISIVE FACTOR FOR ISRAEL AND GOD COMING BACK TOGETHER IN THEIR OLD COVENANT --- IN TIME FOR THE 70th WEEK!  (How much closer, then, is the Resurrection/Rapture?)
Please read the article which I've copied below along with the link (above) to the website.  This is important!!!!  It is another step, another "sign", another piece of the puzzle that is dropping into place to fulfill these last-days!  (Be part of this exciting event by sending a letter petitioning the Israeli government to allow the excavation at Qumran!  You will find the address needed at the end of the article.)
sherry vance~ 
(Please note that elements of this text requires images that are
provided in the video provided.)
“Unbelievable”, “ridiculous” and “impossible” are but a few terms that
have been thrown at Jim Barfield in the last 8 years before he would
present his research for the first time. But after five minutes into the
full Copper Scroll Project Disclosure even the most rigid skeptic sat up
and listened.
The staff of the Copper Scroll Project realizes that empty claims can
be made by anyone. Claims can indicate that you can “lose five
pounds overnight”, “get rich quick” or say, “an important Biblical
discovery may be imminent.” With that in mind, we will be disclosing a
very small portion of Jim Barfieldʼs research. Releasing just enough to
show the possibility that an important discovery may truly be on the
horizon. This short video is not designed to convince but rather to
show that there is much to be considered in contemplating that
Qumran could very well be where Jeremiah hid the treasures of the
Five men wrote and buried the Treasures of the Copper Scroll
assisted by 5 teams of workers. Each team buried a designated
amount of Temple Treasures starting with writer number 1 who buried
in 12 locations. This graphic shows the handwriting style and pattern
of Hebrew words from the Copper Scroll...the second writer buried 12, the third 11, the fourth 17 and the fifth buried 5.
An ancient document written in the 1600ʼs called Emek Ha Melek or
“Valley of the King” records the history and gives details about the
scroll. It informs us that the material used to record the information on
was a “Luach Nehoshat”, or “a copper sheet.” Verifying that there was
indeed a record made of the buried treasures and the record was
written on... a copper scroll.
The opening lines of Emek Ha Melek goes on to describe who wrote
the Copper Scroll and describes in more detail the enormity of the
treasures. It states: “These records were written by five righteous
men, Shamar Ha Levi, Hezekiah, Zidkiyah, “Haggai the Prophet and
Zechariah son of Ido the Prophet.”
If the manuscript is correct, it actually names two Biblical prophets as
scribes for the Copper Scroll! So, when we look at a facsimile of it, we
could be looking at the handwriting of the Biblical prophets Haggai and
Zechariah! The possibility that we could be looking at the handwriting
of these two prophets from the Bible on the copper scroll truly excites
us. Itʼs one more element to give plausibility to the validity of the
copper scroll.
Let us now begin showing a small portion of the Copper Scroll Project
research and let you decide if there is plausible evidence for “the
Treasures of the House.” to of actually have been located.
First, next to the Temple Mount, Qumran would become the second
most important place in Israel to those that believe in God and his
Holy Scriptures. Qumran was so important that those that laid out the
floor plan designed the exterior of Qumran and its prominent features
to mirror the Holy City of Jerusalem. Each of the locations named in
the yellow portion of the graphic here are directly from the Copper
Scroll and the image in white is Jerusalem at the time of Jeremiah!
Notice how Qumranʼs major features match Jerusalem amazingly well.
Press Release: Copper Scroll Discloser Dated: 1-3-15
Is it possible that this is a coincidence? Is it possible that the men of
Qumran designed it to look like, and even bare the same names and
functions as the ancient city of Jerusalem? The similarities are
striking. The resemblance and matching is just too close to cast off as
There are many reasons that lead us to believe that the copper scroll
is talking about Qumran. Consider some of the locations at Qumran
given by the Copper Scroll.
“Under the ruins in the Valley of Achor at the steps extending east, 40
cubits long, are silver service vessels weighing seventeen talents.”
In referencing this section, we can easily see Qumran being in the
valley of Achor. Plus, in the ruins of Qumran we find one set of steps
heading east, just as described on the scroll. And, they are exactly 40
cubits long! The red dot on these pictures are quite possibly the most
logical place for the 17 talents of silver vessels to be buried. We know
that 2nd Maccabees tells us that Jeremiah is the one who buried the
wealth of the temple, is it possible that he buried it at Qumran?
Furthermore, Jeremiah Chapter 32:8 tells us that Jeremiah redeemed
family property in the Land of Benjamin as required for the Jubilee
Year and secured the title deed in stone jars. Qumran is in the land of
“Benjamin” and the Dead Sea Scrolls verify the practice of preserving
documents in stone jars. Could Qumran possibly be the site of Temple
Treasures and Jeremiahʼs Title Deed for Benjamite land. Remember,
the Temple Mount was built in the land of Benjamin, not Judah. But we
still see more...
“Accommodated in the built mound of the dry (cistern) is gold, in the
(dry) fountain of the great ruined courtyard of the peristyle, in the soft
mire, is hidden polished (gold) in front of the highest opening are nine
hundred talents”
According to the scroll, writer 1 buried gold in the large dry cistern
located in the peristyle in front of the upper opening of the fountain.
The first clue to look for is the courtyard. There are two: one large
courtyard at the highest point of the complex and another dividing the
buildings in the middle of Qumran. Jim chose the largest courtyard at
the fountain coming in from the west.
The next notation, or clue, is the transliterated Greek word
“peristilin” (para- steelin) or Peristyle. If you can read Hebrew letters
you can see that writer 1 wrote the Greek word in Hebrew script on
the right side of the Copper Scroll facsimile as shown. Remember,
Hebrew reads from right to left with no vowels. Interestingly, the word
Peristyle, still used today, means “an enclosed court.” The remains of
the Peristyle in Qumran still incases the fountain and courtyard of
Qumran, exactly as required. Giving further evidence that the copper
scroll could indeed be talking about Qumran.
Although the tall courtyard walls are now all but gone, the outline of
the courtyard and fountain are easily visible in the photo.
If Jim is correct about the location...approximately $1,179,360,000 in
gold for the coming temple rest at this location just below the surface
at Qumran.
We have chosen to not detail Location 3 to maintain some level of
security. But, it is the same cave that was used by writer 5 for location
57 so...Location 3 and 57 are the same, “the Buried Cave.” That place
is undoubtedly the most important site of all on the Copper Scroll.
Though we cannot give all the details, we will tell you that Location 3
says that the men of Qumran placed the “Ephod” inside of that cave
as Writer 1 was burying his designated allotment of treasures. What is
the “Ephod?” It is the Breastplate of Righteousness that was worn by
the High Priest on the Day of Atonement! Writer 3 mentions the
“Gleaming Chamber!” which we believe is the Tent of meeting.
Connecting the cave, the Ephod and the tabernacle Location 3
and 57.

Think for a moment, what could the writer mean by “the Gleaming
Chamber?” Remember, the entire inner walls of both the Temple and
the Tabernacle were completely covered in polished gold
making the chambers like a house of mirrors. With the sevenbranched
Menorah constantly burning and more importantly the glory
of YHWH above the Ark of the Covenant radiating in the most holy
place, the entire inner chamber would be blazing in Godʼs glory!
Location 3 and 57, the possible buried cave, was the location that the
greatest amount of non ferrous metals were found of all the locations
scanned. Are we to believe that all this non ferrous metal, silver and
gold, is there by just coincidence? Or can we at least consider the
plausibility that this really is the location where Jeremiah buried the
treasures of the temple?
Location 4
As an investigator, location 4 is the most profoundly identifiable of all
the Copper Scroll locations. Simply because it has so many distinct
features named in the Copper Scroll. Watch and see just how Qumran
matches the copper scroll to a “T” on this location alone. Again, giving
credence to Qumran being the burial place of the temple treasures.
“At the double entry pool with the entrance by the north edge of the
community six cubits against the white immersion (pool) of oblation
rising from the soil, and goes down into the left and is high above the
soft mire dig three cubits for 40 silver talents”
Like a fingerprint, we can lay the description given in Location 4 on a
certain Mikvah, or baptismal pool, at Qumran and we can see an
amazing match!
Lets go back through the requirements of the description...
One - the pool must have two entries
Two – it has to be at the north end of the Community
Three –the measurement against the pool must be six cubits
Four – the pool must be white
Five – it must be a pool of oblation or a Mikvah
Press Release: Copper Scroll Discloser Dated: 1-3-15
Six – it must rise high above the soil
Seven – when entered one must go down and to the left to Mikvah
Eight – it must be high above the mire, the same mud as the mire
identified in location 2.
Can we find a pool like this at Qumran that matches this detailed
description? Lets look.
Here is probably the most detailed map of Qumran available, drawn to
scale. This map contains all known obstructions and limitations
created by the structures. Mr. Barfield used this map to identify
locations and could tell if a selected spot was capable of providing
enough space for the large amounts of precious metals and gems
named on the scroll.
As we zoom in on the absolute north end of the Community we notice
that there IS indeed a pool, a Mikvah or baptismal that has two entries
and has a sign saying that it is was indeed a Mikvah. Furthermore, this
pool is identified at a later location in the Copper Scroll as the place
where prophets were anointed or a pool of Oblation! But did the sides
meet the required 6 cubits in length? Yes.
The sides of the pool, where the 40 talents of silver are expected to be
buried, are exactly 6 cubits long. As every one can see, although the
poolʼs plaster coating is dirty, the pool was once completely white.
Then, complying with the sixth requirement, the pool is the only
Mikvah at Qumran that extends much higher above the soil than all of
the other pools at Qumran. It is high above the mire or mud of the
water system and it is the exact same mire named in location number
Finally, the most distinctive feature is the entry. To go into this Mikvah,
one must step forward five steps, turn “left” and then enter the main
portion of the pool to submerse as required! This location is where
rabbis, archaeologists and a multitude of others just slap their
foreheads and say. “This is so simple!” There are eight solid matches
at this one location!
Is the Hiding Place of the Ark Location 3 and 57? We have given you
a small, but convincing, amount of evidence that the Copper Scroll is
talking about Qumran as the site of all its treasures. Trust us when we
tell you that the research provides a vast amount of additional
evidence to support our claims.
The numerous and undeniable matches of the site descriptions found
in the Copper Scroll and Qumran are secured. Now we are going to
explain why Jim believes that even the furnishings of the House of
God could be included among the precious artifacts based just on the
words from the copper scroll.
Location 3 says “In the “Red Heap” is the wine vessels of the
gleaming chamber, the ephod and the entire tenth of the tithe of
pouring vessels from the treasury.”
The person burying the artifacts, again very possibly a Biblical
prophet, includes in his narrative the “wine vessels of the gleaming
chamber, a tenth of the pouring vessels from the Treasury and the
“Ephod” the Breastplate of Righteousness. If the High Priest is to
conduct his services to their fullest, he must have the “Ephod” a
powerful indication that the items in that cave are far beyond mere
silver and gold.
Then, in the most important notation of all, location 57, of the Copper
Scroll it says, “In the great hollow entry which involves all the
wealth of the house all the weight is counted in talents. Placed and
hidden in the dry entrance on the north side of the red (heap) that is
buried by the edge is another copy of the record declaring the
scattered words and the trapped wealth, united they are one.”
Second Maccabees says that Jeremiah took the Alter of Incense, the
Table of Showbread, the Tabernacle of Moses and “the Ark of the
Covenant into “a great hollow” and “buried the entrance” just as
Location 57 states. If Jim is correct, the entrance to that cave may be
walled shut. That is why we are so excited that the test results from
Press Release: Copper Scroll Discloser Dated: 1-3-15
the lab at CTL Group came back indicating “man made mortar” at the
suspected cave site.
The description from the scroll matches the location found by Jim
Barfield amazingly well. But the writers did one more fascinating thing;
they buried locations 1,2 and 3 in a perfectly straight line with 3 being
the cave. Then, the last five are buried in a perfectly straight line with
location 57 being, again, the buried cave.
The most telling possibility, however, comes from the words on the
scroll “the wealth of the House”. The words “wealth of the house” is
not the monetary value of the gold but rather referring to the articles of
the temple itself. Are all the furnishing of the House of God, the Ashes
of the Red Heifer and even a Title Deed from Jeremiah in that cave?
The clues keep mounting as Jim and the Copper Scroll Project team
press to get permission to excavate for the most important discovery
in history.
Our videos are not meant to disprove or discredit other researchers
whether they are working on the Copper Scroll or searching for the Ark
of the Covenant elsewhere. We know that many hold closely to the
work of Ron Wyatt. We on the Copper Scroll Project and 119
Ministries greatly respect Mr. Wyattʼs work and his memory. Be
assured, we will rejoice no matter where the Treasures of the House
of God are found.
Our goal in this video is to share the great possibility laid out in Jim
Barfieldʼs research pertaining to the Copper Scroll. We wish we could
share more at this time but as mentioned earlier, this short video was
not designed to convince you but rather to show that there is much to
be considered. There is much in contemplating that Qumran could
really be where Jeremiah hid the treasures of the temple.
Nothing can prove this is the case without actually doing a PROPER
excavation of the site. However, we believe that even with this little
sample of information given, you can see that there really is much to
consider. Not only that the scroll is actually referring to Qumran but
also that Qumran could very well be the place that Jeremiah hid the
temple treasures and the Title Deed to a portion of the land of
Please join us by contacting the Israeli Government and encourage
them to do a proper excavation of these locations at Qumran. This is
truly the only way to put these findings to the test. Thank you for
watching. Please, donʼt let another moment pass by. Contact the
Israeli government today.
Contact info:
Israeli Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
34 Shivtei Israel St.
P.O.B. 292
Jerusalem 91911
Tel: 972-2-560 2222
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