Michael Colunga (11 Jan 2015)
"Since it is 2015 already, I think that a reprise of one of Randy's posts is in order.  It is his most important one to date."


Hello, John and Doves,


Since it is 2015 already, I think that a reprise of one of Randy's posts is in order.  It is his most important one to date.






Randy (21 Dec 2014)
The WOW Moments in my Bible Prophecy Learning over 15 years"


The WOW Moments…. in my Bible Prophecy Learning

ONE: Introduction to The Left Behind Books, 1996. I found them fascinating and engaging.

TWO: My Trip to Israel, Late Dec 1997-Jan 1998. I stood on the Temple Mount (in the space next to ...the mosque) where my pastor said “There is nothing that needs to be accomplished on God’s timetable……before the Jews can rebuild their 3rd Temple right here !” WOW…….

THREE: 1999, answer to prayer when I asked God “WE may not know “the year” of the Rapture, but can we know the “time of the year?” Then I first learned of the Feasts of the Jews and why that matters to us Christians. This was HUGE to me for Bible Prophecy. From the TV show that taught me this (Zola Levitt Presents….a Messianic Jewish Rabbi……of all people!) he ALSO Pointed me to the Fall Feasts for the Return of Jesus Christ…specifically Rosh Hashanah. AH…the answer to my prayer about “the time of the year” for the Rapture! WOW !

FOUR: 1999, when I first did a Yahoo Search for the word “Rapture” and got 1 MILLION hits. Who knew?

FIVE: When I first learned that someone had taken the Prophecy from Daniel about the 70 weeks of years (69 actually) and had actually CALCULATED…..TO THE DAY…..the day that Jesus would ride into Jerusalem on the donkey. Really? REALLY ! WOW…incredible.

SIX: Along the way I learned what Jesus really meant when He told his Disciples He “was coming back for them”…..for all of us. It is the story of the Jewish Wedding Feast. His Disciples would have understood what He meant. (ie, ALL the parts of the Jewish Wedding process…… the betrothel, the price paid for the bride, going back to His Father’s house to prepare a place, the “surprise” return for His Bride, and the Marriage Feast for 7 days……..what an incredible picture of Jesus being “betrothed” to His Bride, the Church; Jesus paying the price for His Bride…..his death; Going back to His Father to prepare a place for all of us…… His Resurrection and Return to Heaven; His “surprise” Return for His Bride…..the Rapture; And then the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God with His Bride for 7 years, while the world goes through the Tribulation.! ) Even as I write this……This story is STILL AMAZING !!!!

SEVEN: 9-11 ……..the Day that Changed this world….FOREVER!! When KNEW it was important even as it was happening……. We just didn’t know WHY yet !

EIGHT: The DOW drop ON Rosh Hashanah, Sept 2008…. 7 years after 9-11-08 !! DOWN 777 points !

NINE: That “MY” DOW Jones 777.68 “theory” …….. “pointed” EXACLTY to Rosh Hashanah 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012……as a way to let God tell me “I was on to something.” I just didn’t know what! (NOT until I read the Book: The Harbinger in early 2014 !!)

TEN: Because of my DOW Jones Theory, I felt led to do a Website in May, 2012. I “thought” this theory might be pointing to Rosh Hashanah 2012 for something BIG…..the Rapture? Could be…..but wasn’t. BUT, as this website was “announced” to the world in late May, 2012…… the “unique” count of new visitors to the website that first day was (I thought 777 would be amazing!) …..was….. 778. (And the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I saw that the next day. It was if God “winked” at me to say “You are on the right track!” ) why? Well, IF you round UP 777.68, what do you get? You get 778 !! WOW

ELEVEN: I put off reading The Harbinger for 2 years after it came out……don’t know why, it just didn’t get on my radar screen. Until March, 2014….and I saw the author’s TV show for the first time, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up……MORE than once…and I said “I NEED to read this NOW!” And, this book “connected all the dots for me!” From 9-11 to Sept 2008 and the Financial Collapse and (to me) it POINTED to Sept 2015 as the next BIG date to be watching for SOMETHING BIG from God. (Like 9-11 and like Sept 2008) READ THE BOOK !!

TWELVE: The Blood Moon Tetrad. This (and The Harbinger) have become the BIGGEST things on the Prophecy scene in the last few years, if not longer.

OVERLAY……….the Blood Moon Tetrad with The Harbinger (and his 2nd book the Mystery of the Shemitah) and Bible Prophecy Students are ALL LOOKING at Sept 13, 2015 !!!!!!!! What will it be? The Rapture? Another “warning” from God? An announcement that the Jews can start to rebuild their 3rd Temple? (Before the Jews can be allowed to rebuild, what HAS to happen first?.....the Rapture !!)

And….just to add: CONCIDENCES along the way:

ONE: In the spring of 2012…..5 Billboards went up directly in my view on the way to work, no matter which of the 2 ways I took. And the Billboards say “RAPTURE” on them !! (Actually, they say “Rapture Air”….and the T is in the shape of a CROSS……it’s an air conditioning sign, of all things. ) One day while I was driving, as I felt led to do a website on a Rosh Hashanah Rapture…… my prayer went like this “Lord….I’m gonna need more validation that THIS idea is from YOU….and not just rattling around in my head.” And a few miles later I drove past this Billboard…..and in my mind I heard “Randy……how much more validation do you need, than to see this billboard EVERY day?” Uh……OK…. I’ll do the website…..though I’ve never done one before…….and so, WHAT was that visitor count on DAY one ??? 778 !!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

TWO: (I’ve posted on this before) An acquaintance from high school does the voice-over intro and end to the David Jeremiah daily radio show, and I figured this out 30 years after high school, 3000 miles away from where we went to school….NO contact with him for 30 years…. I figure it out from his name and his VOICE ! And David Jeremiah is one of America’s LEADING End Times Bible Preachers who recently said “I believe the return of Jesus Christ is so near, I just can’t retire yet.!” He is around 75 years old now.

THREE: To add to the above story, I met David Jeremiah recently. (I posted about this recently.) It was MORE than a simple coincidence.

FOUR: (I posted on this recently) I just recently met Mark Biltz, who discovered the Blood Moon Tetrad, while I was in Seattle, and we had a chance to talk for 10 minutes AND I went to his church on Saturday, where he was teaching on “hidden codes” in the Bible. And now……someone on this Facebook Page suggested I read my first book on “Bible Codes”……and the End Result of this book (not read it all yet) is that the author believes he has a Bible Code, that is UNDENIABLE” that “POINTS” to Sept 13, 2015 as “THE” day of the Rapture. I’m reading as fast as I can !!

Coincidences? You tell me. WOW Moments…I knew them as it happened!!


YFIC,  RAndy


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