MChilde (11 Jan 2015)
"Yet Not One of Them Will Fall..."

   My family lost a beloved pet on New Year's Eve.  Our baby's time to leave us was unexpected, and it came too soon for us.  She had such health and vitality for so long, we were sure that she would be with us for many more years.   
     We were wrong, and all our positive thinking, prayers for healing, and vet treatments did not save her.  Our vet let Dory come home to be with us so we could say goodbye.
     The earth and its creatures belong to God first and foremost, and He gave Dory to us to love and cherish for a number of wonderful years.  Now her suffering is over, God is caring for her more than ever, and we believe God will reunite us with her and all of our beloved pets one fine day so that our joy will be complete.
     Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care.  Matt. 10.29
     Through this sorrow, God reminded us never to take life for granted.  Let us Love one another and all our house more than ever in these final days.
     May all of us stay ready to meet our Lord.  He comes for us shortly.
     MChilde 2015