Jean Stepnoski (11 Jan 2015)
"The LAST DAY On The Julian Calendar: 1-13: For Harvey Troyer and Judith"

Dear Harvey Troyer and Judith and Doves,
   The Master promises to raise up on the last day. Last day of what? The Age of Grace? The Ecclesia Age? Might it be the last day of an annual cycle or a calendar year? The Church Year ends with the week of Christ the King, just before Advent begins. The Gregorian Calendar Year ends on 12-31. The Jewish Hillel Calendar ends on the last day of Adar or Adar II. There is another Calendar to consider, which Julius Caesar put into effect in 46 BCE. It is the Julian Calendar, which was replaced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII by the Gregorian Calendar.
   We are still in 2014 through the date of 1-13-2015, according to the Julian Calendar. This was in use during the lifetime of Messiah/Christ! This would be day 8 from Epiphany on the Gregorian Calendar, a day 8 Noah concept. Might 1-13 be the "last day" which Christ mentioned? Psalm 114, linked to 2014 is all about The Exodus. This Psalm is still  linked to the current year 2014 until 1-13-2015, according to the Julian Calendar rather than the Gregorian Calendar. Might The Blessed Hope happen on or near the "last day" on 1-13-2015? Will there still be the Greater Exodus in 2014? There are several interesting articles comparing and contrasting the Julian and the Gregorian Calendars. One is at and another is "The Julian and Gregorian Calendars" by Peter Meyer at Judith, that would still give a period from 1-13 to 4-10 of about 85 days,or 12 weeks, before your timelime of "the hour of trial" would begin. Harvey, the time from 1-13 to 4-1-2015 ( Nisan 1, 5774) would be about 75 days. We shall see. There may be clues, as to what day 1-13 is according to the Hillel Calendar.
With Love and Shalom,