Frank Molver (11 Jan 2015)
"Nicole Poon's prophetic drawings"


Nicole stopped posting these prophetic drawing back in June.
She states she has some more she will publish.
She lives in Honk Kong and does this with her friend Manson.
They read scripture, pray, and during that time Manson will receive something in which he tries to replicate in his drawings.
I think they are prophetic and several have to do with the rapture

Here are a few examples

15th May 2014 
I told God,before you return,some of us feel discouraged.Help us to have faith to keep on watching and waiting,to trust in You that You must keep us safe in difficult situation.Give us wisdom to understand Your Will. 
God showed a red cross being blocked by a dark layer and a human's brain.Yet when I prayed,the light of the cross could go throught all these obstacles to me and clothed me with Jesus' Blood.

1st May 2014 
I asked God,when will You come? Lead and instruct us the way during the days that we are waiting for You,longing for Your return.Give us message to strengthen our faith.Come soon! 
God showed the fish jumping in the water above His Book.

3rd April 2014/ 
I still prayed for the same,asked God for leading to all of us in the wilderness. 
God showed Jesus leading His flock in a wilderness where there was a pillar of fire destroying a city.The land was divided in a earthquake.

12th February 2014 
We are so comfort to see the animal's paradise.Hope my kitty enjoying there.I thanked God for that.Meanwhile I prayed for the lost souls for having the last opportunity to be saved.I asked God for leading and giving us strength to do His ministry in this very end times. 
God showed the living water flowing from a leaf of the tree of life to the earth.

27th January 2014/ 
.I hope she can be alive until the Rapture,so that I know sure the rapture is so near. 
God showed the Rapture happening,the countless people in white robe going upward to a planet that looked like sun.A devil hiding himself at a tree's shadow and trying to shoot the planet to stop the Rapture. 
I think Satan who does not want the Rapture happens.