Fay (11 Jan 2015)
"Dates in 2015"


Hi John,

Again - sorry to be a nuisance. I've just noticed the correlation between Revelation 7:9, where a vast multitude appear in heaven, holding palm branches, and the fact that the solar eclipse on 20th March 2015 is the 79th day of the year and is also 79 days from 7th June, 2015 - the anniversary of the recapture of Jerusalem in the 6 day war. Perhaps...........!

Hi John and Doves,

Between 20th March 2015 (Solar eclipse) to 14th May 2015 (Israel's 67th anniversay) there are 55 days. There are 79 days between 20th March 2015 and 7th June 2015 (48th anniversary of the re-capturing of Jerusalem). Interestingly, 20th March solar eclipse day is the 79th day of 2015!

Please LORD, come soon.