Fay (11 Jan 2015)
"All in for 2015"


Hi John and Doves,

There is a wonderful thread on RITAN titled "I'm all in for 2015". I fully agree! There is tubulence in the world that cannot be ignored. Dire warnings of financial collapse, earthquakes, weird weather. There are so many signs in the sun, moon and stars. Blood moons, a solar eclipse on 20th March and an absolutely gorgeous comet Lovejoy. It is spectacular. The wars being fought are vicious, brutal, ugly. The most savage being the one in the Middle East. All these be-headings - in this day and age? Our prophetic sign post - Israel- is well and truly surrounded by evil. An evil that wishes to destroy her. Now, this evil has well and truly arrived in Europe with the tragic shootings in Paris. We must prepare ourselves to meet our beloved LORD Jesus. Our prayers are being gathered up as incense in heaven. Revelation 8:4.

We were in Africa in 2001 to witness the total solar eclipse on 21st June. 83 days later, 9/11 happened. God alone knows just what the March 20th, 2015 solar eclipse will bring. 9 days later, on 29th March, is Palm Sunday. The 29th March is the 88th day of 2015. I focus on Palm Sunday because of Revelation 7:9 where a great multitude appear in Heaven holding palm branches. Or (mere speculation), perhaps we need to wait until May/June - anniversaries of when Israel became a nation in May and the 6 day war and re-capturing of Jerusalem in June? May 2015 marks 67 years since 1948 and June 6th 2015 marks 48 years since 1967. What a convergence! Adding 67 + 48 = 115. Add the two 19's and they equal 38. 38 + 115 = 153. The mysterious fish catch number.

Thank you Michael C for re-posting Ron Reese' past letters regarding 2015. It really does seem were are in the season we've all been longing for.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.