Randy (22 Jan 2013)
"How I feel when I'm having a GREAT day....."


Compared to so many people around the world.....considering there are SEVEN BILLION of us....

...I live like a KING here in the United States, compared to most of those 7 billion.

Oh, I don't have as much "money" as I once thought I'd have at this stage of life.  And, if I'm right about a "soon" Rapture....  it won't matter much now, will it!

And I don't have as mnay "things" as I once had dreamed about......things quit meaning as m;uch to me many years ago.  I was just on a business trip to Arizona, and the hotel where I as staying was hosting a "collector" car auction.  They had price tags on them from $40000 to $50000....and from $100,000 to $500,000....and even a BUNCH at $1 million and up.  Even Batman's care went for a couple million....  UNbelievable!!   And I thought to myself..."hey....they are just "THINGS"........dont' these people realize this?"

But, when I'm having a great day....doing something FUN.....playing golf.....traveling.....I almost always remind God that "I would trade THIS day....for the return of Jesus Christ....RIGHT NOW!"  

So, I look at those great days.....as a "gift" from God, even more than I used to...as I beleive the Rapture is so VERY VERY near.  It just MUST be true.....I've been learning about End Times Bible Prophecy for over 15 year now....and so we ARE alot closer than when I first got on board that train!!

I am EXCITED to consider the nearness of what I now call "THE NEXT GREAT ADVENTURE!"  ..  The Return of Jesus Christ and the Wedding Supper of the Lamb of God.....and then the Millenium Kingdom...and ALL that those events will hold for ALL of us who Believe in Jesus Christ.

With so many of my "dreams' for THIS life now behind me......it IS the next great adventure to look forward to....even more than whatever THIS life still holds...and I just CAN'T WAIT!!  The "good things" and "good times" of THIS life....PALE in comparison to what I am looking forward to....SOON!