Randy (1 Jan 2013)
"Photos that tell the story:  Interest Paid to the Federal Reserve Bank is REBATED BACK to the US Government."


In the last 2 years, the Fed Res Bank has paid BACK profits to the US Treasury of over $70 BILLION EACH YEAR in 2010 and 2011. 
As they have bought even MORE US bonds in the last 2 years, that number paid back to the USA Government will go up even more. 
In effect, the US has shifted it's parties holding US Bonds,  from others (individuals/corporations/foreign govts)....more and more to the Federal Reserve Bank.
And as it does this,  the Fed Res Bank GIVES the interest BACK to the US Government.....thereby making the US Gvt cost of debt for this $4 Trillion.......almost ZERO.
PICTURE THIS:  The US Gvt can have the Federal Reserve Bank buy AS MUCH US GVT DEBT AS THEY WANT TO SELL THEM...(and remember, they don't have ANY MONEY to use to buy those bonds.....they just PRINT IT INTO CIRCULATION so to speak) ....and then the US Gvt PAYS the Fed Res Bank the interest on those bonds....and then INCREDIBLY, at the end of the year the Fed Res Bank GIVES IT BACK TO THE US Government!!!     
No wonder the Fed is buying upSO MUCH MORE US Debt/bonds.....even still, every month another $40 BILLION in QE $? 
NO wonder Bernanke and Geitner and Obama......DON'T CARE about how much the Fed is buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT"S GENIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Untill one day, when the Piper MUST be paid!!
TICK TOCK.....  you can almost hear the Fiancial system exploding......can't you??
PS.....why haven't we seen this in the news......AT ALL!!  ???