Lauren (24 Jan 2013)
"Re: Mike C. "Lauren, What's Your Timeline Please?""


Hello Mike, This is pretty condensed with not a lot of detail, thanks for asking. Lauren          



                                                         THE ‘FEAST OF WEEKS/SHAVUOTS AND YEARS


9-15-1947 through 9-18-2009; The 62 literal years of Daniel 9:24-27  

6-13-1948 through 5-29-2009; The 62 Shavuots “determined” within those years of Daniel 9:24


9-19-2009 through 10-2-2016; 7 literal years of Daniel 9:24-27

5-19-2010 through 6-12-2016; the 7 Shavuots “determined” in Daniel 9:24


10-4-2016 through 5-31-2017; The “1” year when the final Messianic requirement of six in Daniel 9:24 is fulfilled “ as the most Holy place” is anointed on what I believe will be the ‘Dedication’ of Millennial Temple on Shavuot #70, May 31, 2017


                                                  THE ‘SIMULTANEOUS’ STORM OF THE LORD/SECOND EXODUS


March 12, 2013, is the ‘first day of the first month’ 1 Nisan on the Hebraic calendar. I believe on this day that 'Comet Panstarrs' lifting up on our western horizon is the ‘Messenger’ “star of Jacob rising up to announce the Scepter/Messiah of Israel is coming and fulfills the “latter day” vision of Numbers 24:17  More on the comet:


March 22-24, 2013 Satan and angels return under ‘Three days of darkness’ during “storm of the LORD” Isaiah 28:2 and Jeremiah 30:23-24, Revelation 12:9-17


Passover, March 24/25, 2013, “midst” of 66th week,  Messiah “cut off” from rest of nations,  and stands and shepherds his flock gathered from and brought into the wilderness of the land of Israel from the four corners of the earth. He will stand in the strength and in the name of His God. Micah 5:2-4, Revelation 12:9-10, Ezekiel 20:33-38 and Ezekiel 34:11-16


                                                                                  THE FOUR UNSEALED HORSEMEN


January 20, 1993 The rider with the arrowless bow on the “White horse” rode and orchestrated proposals of peace with three Israeli Prime Ministers. He parallels the “Lion” of Daniel 7:4.


January 20, 2001 The rider on the “Red horse” who was chief architect and negotiator of the ‘Roadmap to Peace’ rode. It caused and has not stopped causing war and strife in Israel and in the lands of there ‘regional’ enemies. He parallels the “Bear” of Daniel 7:5


January 21, 2009 The rider on the “Black horse” has balancing ‘scales’ in his hand rides. He parallels the “Leopard” of Daniel 7:6 and also the “raiser of taxes” of Daniel 11:20


March 22-24, 2013 The rider on the “Pale horse” arrives in the “storm of the LORD” and sees the ‘tsunami/arms of a flood’ destroy the “raiser of taxes” neither in anger or battle within “a few days” after his January 20/21, 2013 inauguration. Daniel 11:20-22  


March 25, 2012 The ‘fifth seal’ tells of those who died during the ‘storm’ and did not get into the wilderness, Ezekiel 20:33-38 and Revelation 12:12-13


October 15, 2013 (Estimated) The ‘sixth seal’ is fulfilled by Comet ISON with the tossing out of the “censer” and trumpets 1-4. Revelation 8:5-12


October 2, 2016 Last day of 69th year and 1290th day of Daniel 9:24-27 and Daniel 12:11


Stay safe, 59 days and counting, an Ezekiel 33:6 watching one