JMS (19 Jan 2012)
"In Isaiah the Lord say: For a long time now, I have been quiet-----but now..."

Let's try to understand the meaning of the word from God, in Isaiah
42:12-14.v. (KJV)
Im sure it's spoken to our time. both as a warning sign, and for to
give strenght to all
who still believe and trust in the word from God.

v12.." Let them give Glory unto the Lord, and declare his Praise in
the island's

v13. The Lord shall go forth, as a mighty man, He shall stir up
jealousy like a man of war: He
shall cry, yea roar: He shall prevail against Hi's enemies.

v14.  I have a long time holden My peace; I have been still, and
refrained myself. - Now will I
cry like a travailing woman; I will destroy and devour at once.

I think the Lord say: dont frighten, i have it all under control, -
and you my children are close
to be given birth as a new creation in me, Jesus paid the price for
you on Golgatha trust in
it !

Let's give Glory, Honour and Praise to our Almighty God, and to Jesus
Christ our Lord and Love.
have a blessed weekend en the love from Jesus Christ with