Jean Stepnoski (28 Jan 2013)
"Shevet 15 on 1-27-2013 (Tu'b Shevet): Reply for Patsy"


Dear Patsy and Doves,
   Thank you for your timely information about the symbolic first day of Spring in Israel, far in advance of the Spring Equinox. Since Israel is so near the equator, in a semi-tropical latitude, the sap is rising in the trees there. It is the beginning of Spring. Also, I believe that the age of trees is counted from Shevet 15. It takes three or four years before a new tree produces fruit. You are correct to refer to the "Birthday of Trees" as being Shevet 15.
    I am also reminded of the story Christ told about a tree being given a grace period of a year after several years of no fruit. The years are three plus one in Luke 13: 6-9. Only as the tree counting year four concludes, as of Shevet 15, can the worthless fruitless tree be cut down. Are we at the conclusion of some four year marker for the symbolic fig tree representing the nation of Israel? Does it have to do with the recent re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu?
    In a genuine sense, Shevet 15 is a marker in time for Israel that "the winter is past" and the most abundant months, of the most annual rain, are over after January of February during the rainy season for Israel of Winter. Just as the Scriptures mention Spring and Winter, there are the times of the former rain and the latter rain.
   Thank you again Patsy for your fine post!
With Love and Shalom,