Gary Rich (25 Jan 2013)
"Surrendered Christian Life"

Surrendering your life to your Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is not a sign of weakness, it shows strength and wisdom. Remember only a fool would resist the Lord. So you may be asking - how will i know when i have fully surrendered my life to Jesus ? When you rely on Jesus to work things out instead of trying to manipulate others, force your own agenda or control the situation . You don't have to be in charge, you simply have to let go and trust your Savior to be in control
 As long as you keep walking with the Lord and trusting Him, He will work on your behalf. People and circumstances don't decide your future, Jesus Christ does- so look to Him for answers to your life's problems
 Often our greatest mistakes come from impatience - not waiting on God for help. Are you in the valley right now, needing answers to some important issues in your life ? Then give it to the Lord and trust Him for the right timing to answer your prayer requests. A fully surrendered Christian life will give up fear & worry and replace them with faith & trust. So put a big smile on your Lord's face today, give total control of your life over to Jesus. It will be the best life decision you will ever make !
have a blessed day,   Gary