Gary Rich (1 Jan 2013)
"Happy New Year 2013"

Happy New Year  to all rapture watchers here on five-doves. We have arrived at 2013 , a year i believe that will have lots of rapture potiential. God is looking for faithful watchers who are staying ready for Jesus to return and take all Christian believers  to heaven

World events in the Middle-east all point to the start of the Tribulation Judgements as described in the Book of Revelation happening anytime now. That being the case, we can expect our rapture flight too also happen very soon. Next stop for all you faithful Christians right after the believers rapture is our appearance at the Judgement Seat of Christ. Where Jesus Himself will be rewarding you for all your years of faithful service to Him

So keep watching for Jesus, keep looking for rapture signs , keep your hearts looking heaven-bound, cause Jesus Christ is coming soon !