Doug Blakemore (25 Jan 2013)
"Psalms 83 war"

I see that Bill Salus has another book out and is making the circuit about the upcoming Psalms 83 war.  I have not gotten his book yet but have listened to his main points on a few prophecy shows lately.  I have gone back and re-read Psalms 83 and I still do not see any war mentioned in the Psalm.  If someone else sees this war specifically in the Psalm please point it out.

What I do see is that the nations around Israel are conspiring against Israel.  In response Israel is asking for protection from God.

I know this is probably going to sound over simplified but isn't that what is exactly to the letter happening right now?  I do not think we have to wait for Psalms 83 to be fulfilled.  It is, as we watch happening in front of us.

In response to this prayer, I believe God is confounding the nations and bringing on a lot of internal arguing and fighting among themselves.  

Out of these conspiring together to come against Israel has been and will be some battles and a few more wars but the Psalm is fulfilled not by the war but is already fulfilled by agreements to come against Israel and by their fearful prayer for protection against such a large and powerful enemy.  I think the next big issue will be the battle that comes out of all of this and the fulfillment of Zech. 12 where Israel has the blinders removed from their eyes.  But hindsight is always better isn't it!

Mr. Salus' insights into the lists of nations, the differences between that and Ez. 38 are right and he adds a lot of insight into what is going on.

Again, I believe that what we are watching is Psalms 83 currently being fulfilled in front of us while we are waiting for it to happen!


Doug Blakemore