Clay Cantrell (25 Jan 2013)
"Genesis 1:1, Benjamin & The Bride"

Readers -

Bob Ware forwarded me info about Genesis 1:1 and the middle 401 valued
word which is word four.

My take on Genesis 1:1, which I have posted about before, is thus:

Taking the Genesis 1:1 values and comparing them to the High Priest's
Breastpiece grid of values shows that there is one common number which


if the two sets of numbers are aligned at the 395 number, then that
means that Benjamin, which has a value of 162, aligns with the prime
number 401.

Benjamin is stone 10in the Breastpiece, and the tenth prime = 23. imho
23 = the Bride. Benjamin is prime.

The total value of Genesis 1:1 = 2701. subtracting the 401 yields:

2701 - 401 = 2300 (23 x 100).

that would appear to be a match.

The total value of all the 12 stones of the Breastpiece = 3700.

If the 162 number is subtracted from 3700 and the 401 number is
substituted, and added in, then the new total of the Breastpiece =


go to Bible wheel and plug 3939 into the gematria value slot:

notice, the first verse with a total verse value of 3939 mentions
Benjamin by name (!):

Judges 20:17
"And the men of Israel, beside BENJAMIN, were numbered four hundred
thousand men that drew sword: all these were men of war."

That looks right. I think that shows that Benjamin is prime, and that
he is the 401 number in Genesis 1:1. i.e. Benjamin is prime or
primary....the Bride.

Jesus is Lord