Charles (8 Jan 2013)
"It's a Thursday Paul Joseph"


I have had a dream and many confirmations that the rapture will be on Thursday! I just did not know which one! Your dream nil. Nil means nothing or zero! Jesus was saying in two Thursdays it will all be Nil in your dream! I was and have been told its all coming to nothing hence the sort of sad mourning wailing of my posts! I believe it's all come to nil because its the zero hour and in two Thursdays it may be nil or the zero hour you may have been shown the answer from my dream which Thursday to give us weakened doves some hope!

Just another insight Bob Wares calculations on the lunar cycles match this Jesus comes as a thief in the night three days of confusion the light has been taken from the Earth. It seems you were told zero dark thirty my dream zero is nil nil dark thirty the zero hour in two Thursdays! I think God gives us all pieces of the puzzle and we are meant to work it out! Study to be workman approved rightly dividing the word! That's my take on your dream! This world will come to nil or zero! It will begin in two Thursdays when the light is removed hence the doves shining light are before Jesus! Jesus is on stage ready for the beginning! The rapture clue we have been waiting for may have just been given!

Bob 888 lunar cycles my dreams of the cylinder lock spinning the last number to lock in place before the beginning of the tribulation it was an eight! The other two numbers 888! I just thought it was Gods number! Walking into the parking lot today my coworkers car the licence plate has 888 on it!

Was not the number of the day in the bible the great battle was to occur in the Mideast like the 21st? A lot of clues! It's all about to become nil!