Charles (28 Jan 2013)
"What the truth is"


A line from a famous movie says the truth you cannot handle the truth. I think they were talking to the world! The truth is Gods word it's purpose is by a knowledge of the truth the gospel according to Jesus Christ the word to call according to Gods purpose a peculiar people holy and zealous of good works by faith abiding in the word of God unto Christ. All things in Christ shall be gathered unto Him both on Earth and in Heavan! The world will be baptized after well as God says in Malachi the wicked will be ashes under your feet but the Sun of rightousness shall arise upon those who fear My name!  And you shall go out as calfs in the pasture!

Guys the meek shall inherit the Earth because there will be no one left standing in their pride! The truth is that faith in Jesus is supposed to create a new heart a humble heart that realizes and acts upon the truth! The truth is God created the heavans and the Earth that He resides not in buildings made by men! He is a Holy Spirit that walks in those that abide in Him!

This world teaches us to take pride in ourselves, to not believe one objective truth, that man can solve problems with his hands and that we came from monkeys that grew from puddle scum that aliens may have contaminated!

Huh? The world is a big distraction from the truth! We get up go to about our day come home exhausted eating our manufactured food wash rinse repeat!
Tv seems so appealing a fake more glamorous reality to substitute the thoughts in our head that faint whisper that something is wrong amiss with what we are living for the rat race! The cheese gets smaller harder to find and we keep going! God said work to eat! He also said seek Him first and He would provide!

The truth is this whole world is a snare set up which Jesus said to the Pharisees where I go you cannot come if you believe not I am He you will die in your sins! Ok all the unconcerned not end time watching church then football world who scoff and say Jesus could come in a thousand years ignorant of the bible it's signs where is says we are the last generation content to follow mans traditions are still at infant formula!

They did not heed Jesus who said watch wait pray and study a workman dividing the word! We work forty hours maybe we sleep as much and how many spend one half hour a day reading the word? And I am talking Chrudtisns? I am not judging I am pouting out how effective the deception of this world is. The world does not know the bible and sadly most Christians do not!

They wonder at those watching warning! Why its because we are the tools not the people in powerful positions the church leaders where is the alarm bells! They don't want to look foolish!

The truth is we are born dead in sin. We have no hope. If we live in the vanity of our minds according to the wisdom of this world even with all the toys and a long life and we die and know not Jesus Christ or have not him led our self and as a repentant sinner surrendered our life to Him and picked up our cross and a knowledge we are nothing and He is The Lord of everything and its Him we owe our existance and worship to. If we do not realize that yes we are saved by grace through faith but are saved to no longer walk in the vanity of this life has the truth or the word really been believed?

Believing Jesus saved you so you can beat the menservants and maid servant and party with the drunken yoke yourself equally to the unbelieving world and not seek seperation unto holiness walking in truth and spirit not the vanity of religion is not a faith they bears fruit!

If we understand why Jesus had to die for us! If we repose how pathetically unable we are to stand on our works. If we look around and see how far this world is from the rightous ways of the God we profess! Then we are humbled we seek His face though clinging to Jesus. By the cross we die to this world in our flesh and by Jesus sacrifice we live our life here no longer by any thing except His Holy Spirit! That's foolishness to the abundant life cried and the its all about me world! And that's why do few are called to watch and so few feel led to study Gods word, to pray without ceasing, to quench not the spirit!

Because the truth is in other generations things kept going on! So few came to acknowledge the truth! The fact is the truth is it was and is all about Gods purpose to call out by the foolishness of preaching the cross a or joist people zealous of good works to be His! But this generation was warned to be found watching and waiting and praying seperatimg from this worlds wisdom so when He comes they will be found worthy to go!

That's the truth yes we have to walk in this world till He comes but we are supposed to by His spirit not our own vain pride and wisdom! The gospel is not live life party hard with Jesus as wingman! It's die to this world in the flesh and through the Holy Spirit be Gradually by Gods power be confirmed to the image of His Son!

Seek those things above first seek Jesus and His rightousness! So few understand. They yell and scoff at you how your withdrawing from things how you don't get all into football anymore hardly watch tv sit and read the bible not the paper and such! It's because I have been convicted of the truth God said it best things seen are not real things unseen are real!

If we believe by God given faith our real home is in Heavan and Jesus is our only hope and reason we exist then our focus is there and this world holds not our attention! That's the truth it's the only truth that saves!