Charles (27 Jan 2013)
"What really matters"


I am on five doves because I was told to find someplace to share all the musings in my head by those who did not want to hear Jesus is coming or look at this. I have come to the understanding that our fight is not carnal or physical it is spiritual to opening the eyes of the blind, getting the eyes of the distracted to see and many do not want to.

God said because they have pleasure in unrightousness ie they are enjoying living their life here so they believe the lie forgetting Noah and Sodom and quench the Holy Spirit of truth that seeks through the gospel and word to bring people unto a knowledge of the truth so they can rend their hearts and turn from a perishing world setting their sights on what is not seen or spiritual and heavanly over what is seen!

But to most in the world they see something is wrong! It's just insert the religion of choice here other then Christianity that others are not following their way! Aethiests see something wrong but look to man to solve it. Other religions look to that of they just strive hard enough they can be like god!

Christians why are our churches not screaming the truth to a lost and dying world why are people not flocking to the Jesus ark? Because somewhere church became an organization to be run as a corporation. Evangelical thought turned to bringing seekers in the door throwing daycare and music and soothing words at then then offering fellowship!

I know I been there! But I had come to Jesus on my knees heart broken lost in this world yet a nagging calling from birth that something was not ok!

I got baptized as an adult came our of the water a new creation I experienced new birth! But over the years saw social justice and abundant life replace the gospel! Yes John 3:16 Belief in Jesus saves! But what that He died for our sins yep! I think everyone in every church believes that! But Jesus said even the demons believe and tremble! That verse bugged me! What was different?

From day one second one broken hearted dragged to the alter I said Jesus I believe and that I will do it your way! Bingo how many are trying to see through the spirit their path and follow? Jesus told the man who asked to bury his father let the dead bury the dead come follow the living!

Get it following the world the corporate line the vain traditions the head knowledge belief of Jesus without the rending of your heart humble realization that you and this world is perishing and without hope except for Jesus dying and rising in new life! It is the truth that you will act on what you believe! See a guy asking for help with a sign did you ignore him or stop and even give him a water from your car?

We can do no good except through Jesus spirit inside convicting us to get out of ourself and notice that guy! We are the vine branch! Jesus the vine!

Only through Jesus grace free unmerited grace can we live and be saved His grace covers those walking in His spirit! Ok people are not being told in church that the axe is to the root of every tree! They scoff at its not just a global warming problem man can solve! They go to church and pray to their creator while their world says they were from monkeys! A survey in England says more people believe in aliens then God!

The verse in Romans says confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord! That's Jesus you drive it's your car! How many people believe He died so they can live their abundant life here and still go to heaven just go to church be a good person!

The gospel message is that we cannot live without the fact Jesus died for our sins paid a debt we never could! But it's also die to yourself through my grace everyday crucify this world in your mind on the cross and live through Me!

Basically the bible says we are in this world but though faith and grace and the cross we are to use the blood of Jesus to cleanse us and not be of it!

That is a truth many reject we cannot claim Jesus and party on! We are to watch and wait And pray for a savior while abiding in Gods word seeking to worship in truth Snd spirit letting the spirit guide us and despise not prophecy!

Any fruit come from Jesus and joy is a joy in The Lord! Jesus said seek Me first and all things will be provided! Basically He is saying seek to follow Me to know me to walk with me in spirit capturing every false vanity to the truth of My word and then I will provide you with your daily bread!

A time is coming when silver and gold will be thrown in the streets worthless we are just using stuff all we can take with us is our spirit and our relationship with Jesus!

As long as people look at the problem with this world physically and try to solve it physically they will go the wrong way! We should not be looking left or right we need to be bowing down and looking up!

The titanic will sink yes your on the ship until the lifeboat comes but if your not looking how to be on that lifeboat will you miss too late that the ship really was going down?