Bob Anderson (14 Jan 2013)
"Steven K New Video:70 Weeks of Daniel TimeFrame We are in Today: Hebrew Root Teaching"

As always, Steven, thank you for posting the challenging. Iron sharpens iron.

The video is fascinating. He postulates that the 70th. week began in 2010, etc, etc, etc, much of which has already been postulated on 5DOVES. To which all I can do is gaze about me wondering ... Where is the temple? Where are the 2 witnesses? Where are the 144,000? Etc, etc, etc.

But, he does give a fascinating presentation of Biblical calendric  analysis and some really interesting observations, including some he didn't intend.

Refer to my Bullinger post.

 Bullinger made a 3 fold division of the Jews. 1. The unbelievers 2. The Messianic, who believe on Christ as Messiah but not Savior. 3. Jews who are truly born again and belong to Christ's church and are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Note that the video presents Christ as Messiah and as Savior of ISRAEL ... not the world, but ISRAEL.

Note also that Bullinger identifies the Bride of Christ as ISRAEL. Shortly after the 1:30 mark this speaker also asserts that ISRAEL is the Bride of Christ.

There's more that don't have time to get to, but this video is both worthwhile and controversial.