Bob Anderson (1 Jan 2013)
"to Carolyn M/ re Steve K"

Hi Carolyn,

Steve's editorial position, i.e. that he doesn't necessarily agree with the positions stated in the clips and articles posted, is abundantly clear.

I personally am happy to see contending viewpoints presented. IRON SHARPENS IRON!

The pastor in the video depends greatly on the assertion that MAT 24 is not written for the Jews. It's too bad he doesn't include MAT 24: 20 ... pray that your flight be not in winter or the Sabbath. I need to contend no farther with him. If the Sabbath does not clearly identify the Jews, what does? There is much more, both in MAT and in the other books he references, but this alone is enough to destroy his position.

He sounds more like a 7th. Day Adventist than a Baptist. He talks a good game, but the scholarship is questionable.