Pastor Bob (14 Jan 2012)
"Tribulation Temple"

There seems to be some misunderstanding concerning a Tribulation Temple.
First, I would urge people to read Dr. Randall Price's work on the Temple.  Dr. Randall Price's web site is World of the Bible Ministry.  For those unfamiliar with Dr. Price, he has been a specialist for more than thirty years on the Jewish Temples.  Authored many books and dozens of DVD/Videos on the subject.
Second, whether one is an adherent to Covenant Theology or Dispensational Theology will influence your thinking about whether there will be a Third (Tribulation) Temple or a Fourth (Millennial) Temple.  Again, before being so dogmatic about a belief there will be no Third Tribulation Temple, one should read the experts and those that have devoted their career to the subject.  Dr. Price is a archaeologist of world renown reputation.
Third, just a few weeks back, Israeli engineers and architects presented blueprints of their "New" Temple plans to Israeli Knesset members and other rabbincal representatives of the Sanhedrin.
I have some personal information to share as well.  Christianity Today magazine back in 1967 ran an article on the fact that British Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry ordered and purchased 60,000 tons of Bedford Limestone for the expressed purpose of building a new Temple.  The project was handled through their Boston Lodge.  Bedford Limestone of Bedford, Indiana is located in southeastern Indiana and has produced from their quarries limestone exterior and construction of hundreds of commercial, public and governmental buildings.
During late 1969, and well into late 1970, I would take my little son to the Penn-Central Railroad yard at Pitcairn, PA to watch the freight trains come and go.  Every Saturday morning for months, a freight train arrived between 7:30 and 8 AM.  It originated in St. Louis and was destined for Enola, PA near Harrisburg.   Bedford, Indiana was served by the Madison Branch of the former Pennsylvania RR and then later by the Penn-Central RR.  The railroad had two diesel-electric locomotives that were specially ballasted or weighted to handle the heavy loads from the quarry upgrade to Indianapolis, Indiana where the loads of limestone would be picked up by the eastbound trains.
The freight trains arriving at the Pitcairn Yard would slowly enter the yard's receiving tracks where the train would re-crew, pick up and set off cars.  For months we saw this scheduled freight arrive with between four and eight open gondolas loaded with cut limestone blocks.  Each of the gondolas contained anywhere from two to six cut limestone blocks.  Here is the kicker.  Each of these gondola cars were placarded with signs on the side that read:  "Destination: Kearney, NJ - For Export to Israel"
Now we have the Christianity Today magazine article about the Masonic Lodge ordering and payment for 60,000 tons of Bedford Limestone.  I observed first-hand myself the movement of the railroad gondola cars carrying the cut limestone blocks.  The placarded signs on the sides of the car stated they were being shipped to Israel.  All we lack is the location or whereabouts where the stones are stored.
Experts on the construction say the Temple can be built in 18-22 months max.
Most of you are unaware of how bad the Masonic Lodge want to rebuild the Temple.  The Vatican lobbies on behalf of getting total control of the holy city of Jerusalem as bad as the Masonic Lodge wants to control the Temple Mount as well.  I have thousands of pages of Masonic documents and foremost in their global agenda of controlling the world is to "rebuild the Temple" and bring in global government from Jerusalem.  The Vatican/Jesuits/Masons/Illuminati/Rothschild coalition are working for together with one goal in mind and that is the control of Jerusalem so the Antichrist can claim to be God.  The noted groups are publicly perceived to be at odds with each other, however, that is for public consumption.  Truth be known - they are all of one accord!
Pastor Bob