MathMan (7 Jan 2012)
"January 28, 2012 - Only 21 More Days until Sudden Destruction - URGENT, please WATCH on January 8th and 11th!!"

 Dear Doves,

Are we now only 21 days away from the Rapture / Sudden Destruction on January 28, 2012?  While I am not 100% sure that this will be THE day, it certainly appears that there is an extremely high probability for just such an event, much higher then I have mathematically seen for any other date.  As usual, the wildcard is God’s grace and mercy and whether He chooses to delay this event for a time.  However, God’s Word certainly makes it appear that this SHOULD be THE day that God’s patience with “Sodom & Gomorrah” finally ends.


The message posted on January 6, 2012 on was titled “2015 for Dummies” and explains the entire concept of the January 28, 2012 Rapture / Sudden Destruction, along with the Day of Atonement 2015 as the day for the Return of Jesus.  I recommend you review this article carefully before continuing below.  For ease of reference, I have linked this article as follows:


In terms of what WE ALL should be looking for on January 8th (tomorrow) or 11th (Wednesday), I will first reiterate the first four NWO signs as follows:


-      11/8-9/2010:  One year prelude warning – mysterious missile fired off of the West Coast.  The Pentagon then tried to cover it up.  However, review the video in the below article and it CLEARLY shows this was a missile firing!!


-      11/9/2011:  EXACTLY one year after missile fired comes the first of the current warnings.  This came in the form of the FIRST National Emergency Alert in the USA (which was followed up by music by Lady Gaga, the whore of the end-times):


-      11/29/2011:  The SECOND National Emergency Alert occurred this day, but this time the alert was followed up by music by Katy Perry, singing about California.  Please notice that 29 = 2+9 =11, or 11-11-11, whereas 11 is contained in the date multiple times.  Having an 11 in a date, especially if it is the day of the month, is something that the Illuminati has shown, by their actions, as something the NWO absolutely cherishes.  Please also notice that this is EXACTLY 21 days / 3 weeks (inclusive) of the first National Emergency Alert, a pattern that will be repeated.


-      12/19/2011:  This time, the lights went out at a San Francisco NFL Game while on National TV with absolutely NO TRUE explanation ever given by authorities.  Please note that, ONCE AGAIN, this was EXACTLY 21 days / 3 weeks (inclusive) of the last warning.

When I reviewed this article, I made a number of observations.  This article is, by far, the most comprehensive article I could find on this incident.  Please note that I will be relying on the football stats listed on the picture of the scoreboard found about halfway down the article for some of my observations.  Now before you scoff at this, please DO NOT discount the brilliant diabolical minds that run the NWO and NEVER discount that the NWO would, could (and DID) do these warnings with purpose.  Before I continue, I must first stress that I do not, in any way, believe that the NWO “fixed” the game to make the statistics on the scoreboard materialize as shown.  Instead, the NWO probably noticed that the numbers “just happened” to tickle their fancy, and chose this as an opportune time to “freeze” the game via blackout for a second time.  Nonetheless, it dawned on me that it is very plausible that God Himself manipulated the play on the field in order for the resulting statistics, as pictured on the board, to unfold as they did, SIMPLY for the benefit of watchers like us.   He created the Universe, so this would be a tiny feat for Him (again, what an absolute honor to serve our AWESOME GOD).  Anyway, on to my observations:


-      The Six Threes:  The clock board as shown has exactly six separate 3's on it, where multiple 3s are a Satanic and occultic number and is, indeed, their very favorite number!!  Why is 3333 the NWO’s favorite number?  Because 33.33% = the percentage of angels cast out of Heaven by God, as punishment for following Satan.  Are these demons extremely resentful that they lost to God?  Absolutely!!  Indeed, this evil 1/3rd horde will continue to fight God until the bitter (for them, not us) end.


-      The Score is 6 to 0:  The score is 6 to 0 for the 49ers.  6 is the number of man and 0 could represent that there is no more time left.


-      The 49ers are playing:  AHHH, but did you notice that it is the 49ers that were playing!!!!!!  Observe and smile:  49ers = 49 = 7 x 7 weeks or 49 years = the Jubilee Period that will be ending on the Day of Atonement 2015, the day of Christ’s Second Return!!  In summary, June 7, 1967, the re-capture date of Jerusalem by the Jews, plus EXACTLY 49 years x 360 days EQUALS September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement, to THE EXACT DAY!!


-      Candlestick Park:  This incident occurred at Candlestick Park.  Notice the "Candlestick" is the name of this stadium.  Notice also that Hanukkah is represented by the lighting of the candlesticks in the menorah!!  It is significant that the "Candlestick" was blown out on the very eve of the first day of Hanukkah.  The middle candle in the menorah represents Jesus, and Satan would like nothing more than to “blow the light of Jesus out”!!  Please recall that, just 12 days before this, President Obama mocked the menorah lighting ceremony at the White House, saying “we do not need an excuse for a party”.  Also, please recall that this lighting “ceremony” actually occurred 12 days before the actual beginning of Hanukkah, just another example of the Anti-Christ “changing the times”, as foretold in the Bible.  It is quite apparent that these two seemingly insignificant Hanukkah-related NWO incidents go hand in hand PERFECTLY!!


-      The U.S. Sodom & Gomorrah:  The power outage occurred in San Francisco, the very homosexual "Mecca" of the entire planet!!  As Billy Graham has often been attributed as saying, with respect to the U.S.A. (and not specifically SF), "If God doesn't punish the U.S.A., He will have to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah".  What could be more representative of Sodom & Gomorrah than San Francisco??


-      Attention drawn to the West Coast…Again!!  Notice that once again attention is being drawn to the West Coast by the NWO, just like in two of the previous warnings!!  Is this where the Sudden Destruction will come from, perhaps by Nukes launched off of unmarked container ships on the West Coast, as outlined in Joel Rosenberg’s brilliant novel, “Dead Heat”?  Or could it possibly be a megaquake or perhaps a Tsunami?


IMPORTANT:  Notice that January 28, 2012 is EXACTLY 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 81 days after the initial November 9, 2011 warning!!  As mentioned before, 3333 is THE NWO's favorite number.  Notice that it is ALSO four 3-week inclusive periods from November 9, 2011, another 3333!!  Not only that, and MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, but January 28, 2012, also fits in perfectly with God’s timing for Sudden Destruction, and the 1335-day Great Tribulation, as beautifully outlined in Ron Reese’s recent posts (ALL MUST reads and each linked in the article that I linked at the start of this post)!!


It is obvious that the NWO really enjoys doing this kind of evil stuff!!  Indeed, I believe it makes them feel powerful - AS IF they were gods themselves (the theme of the New Age Movement they created).  Such COLOSSAL egos, such self-centered EVIL!!  So, IF their previous pattern holds, January 8th COULD be there next warning date (the three-week INCLUSIVE = 21 day pattern).  However, January 11th is also an interesting date as it will be EXACTLY 13 weeks to April 11, 2012, the day President Obama will be crowned the head of the World.  This is why the USA will have to be decimated first – to make way for the One World Government headed by the Anti-Christ, President Obama!!


Please note that 13 is the NWO’s second favorite number next to 3333 since this is the number of people (Jesus and the 12 disciples) that were sitting at the table for the Last Supper just before Jesus was executed during His First Coming.  Satan is now DESPERATE, as he knows his time is short, and will do ANYTHING to try to execute Jesus at His Second Coming.  Sadly for him, there will be absolutely no chance of that, praise the Lord forever!!


So then, what will I be watching for on January 8th and the 11th?  Something subtle OR something not so subtle, but significant nonetheless, just like the first four warnings as listed above!!  However, the NWO may instead skip this last warning and use the December 19th warning as the last warning, “secretly announcing” a 40-day mock judgment period just before unleashing Sudden Destruction on January 28th in order to bring down the USA once and for all (again, mimicking God, as Satan so loves to do, as 40 days is God’s traditional period of judgment).  HOWEVER, thanks to THE BLESSED HOPE (of course the NWO will not be expecting the Rapture), we the Church will be “snatched away” just seconds before this Sudden Destruction (the Snare) strikes this slumbering world!!


Doves, we do not have long to wait!!  Perhaps the 8th, or the 11th, will result in a SIGNIFICANT downturn in relations with Iran, OR a resolution made against Syria using the Responsibility to Protect, OR a military action by Israel against Iran or one of its proxies – I REALLY DON’T KNOW.  Or, on the other end of the spectrum, perhaps there will be another blackout at a nationally televised sports event, such as the New Orleans NFL game (another “Sodom & Gomorrah”).  I simply don’t know – after all, if it was obvious, why would we have to watch?


In conclusion, if you should happen to see anything “unusual” on one of these days that meet the criteria listed above in this article, please reference this article and post your observations to as soon as possible!  After all, there can never be enough watchers…so sayeth the Lord!!


As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan