Louis A. Romo (20 Jan 2012)
"Ron Reese jan 28th rapture date and thoughts of one  Rabbi when Messiah comes"

Dear Brother in Christ, please post my comments : ref. Ron Reese "My personal Methusaleh 7--11 Warning before the Sudden Destruction"
Ron Reese's and mathman's calculations of January 27/28 being important  is extremely likely of being accurate.
I respectfully disagree it is the rapture date.  In my humble opinion I think  Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson is closer in his prediction of our Messiah coming during THIS 2012 PASSOVER....  http://www.alamongordo.com/Bible_Code_Expert_tsunami_arrival_messiah_2012.html - - His bible code could very well be correct but if we are raptured during passover then antichrist would have to make his entrance at same time and many jews would accept his as messiah.
I think we are about to see the beginning of a seven year time frame rather than see the middle as stated by Ron.
I think our rapture during Passover season would convict the hearts of many Jews that Jesus IS THE MESSIAH...the proof would be in the pudding!) If Jesus would rapture us on  the 14th of Nissan- - day Jesus died, the 15th, Journey out of Egpt begun ( our departing "egypt earth"), or the 17th of nissan, Jesus resurrected would certainly open the eyes of countless Jews and highly likely the 144,000 Jewish "recruits"  that would explain both Jewish and Christian testaments to the world.  That would be more understandable to a Jew than january27/28.
My personal thoughts are that on January 27/28,  We could  start seeing as "first warning" tremendous earthquakes and tsunamis ...
If the rapture does not happen but major earthquakes occur, then I would next watch the 50th, and  40th days prior to Nissan 14th for further warnings.
I would strongly recommend fivedovers have at least enough stored food to last till passover season over
Concerning Ron's thoughts of antichrist faking a death on april 7, 2012 (Nissan 15) - -If antichrist was to do anything, I believe it would happen on April 2nd, NISSAN 10.  After all he would be duplicating the entrance of Jesus on nissan 10 to be "inspected" for four days..I think rapture ready christians would recognize him but 99% of world would welcome him and 7 year trib begin
Also...This would be the perfect time for ELIJAH TO SHOW UP and conceivable not start his ministry till as late as Sivan 6 or whenever the various day counts line up with the other festivals /moedims...Ron's date of Sept 23rd, 2015, I feel would make the perfect day for AntiChrist obama to be in Jerusalem and proclaim himself god, and exalted ruler, owner of planet earth-don't forget universe  plus many other happy titles like north korean rulers!
Looking for a meeting soon in heaven of all fivedovers.
Louie Romo in Stockton, California