Kevin Heckle (6 Jan 2012)
"Amazing Mathematical Proofs of God's Design (What are the odds Mathman?)"

Dan 2:20-22 KJV - [20] Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: [21] And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: [22] He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what [is] in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.
I admit to being obsessed with the prophetic numbers of Daniel and Revelation.  As I'm sure many of you know there are particularly 3 prophetic numbers in the set regarding the Tribulation.  They are of course 1260, 1290 and 1335.  1260 is never mentioned in Daniel. However, he does mention 'a time, times and a half' which the Book of Revelation equates to 1260.  The other 2 values are mentioned in the final chapter of Daniel and they are the 1290 and 1335.  Other than that, mathematically they bear little relation one to the other.  Interestingly, 1290 is 2.5 times 360, plus 390 whereas 1335 is the opposite, 2.5 times 390, plus 360!  However, there are two universal mathematical values which link these numbers EXACTLY.  They are called PI and PHI.  PI of course is the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter.  PHI is the Golden Ratio, which permeates the design of God's universe.  PHI is the ratio of the sum of two quantities to the larger of the quantity is EQUAL to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one.
PI =    3.141592654
PHI = 1.618033988
The difference between Pi and Phi = 1.5235586648
The sum of Daniel's 1290 and John's 1260 = 2550
(1260+1290) x (PI - PHI) = 3885 = (1260+1290+1335)
In words: The sum of 1260 and 1290 multiplied by the difference of Pi and Phi equals to the sum of 1260, 1290 and 1335!!!!  BLESSED is he who comes to the 1335th day!!!
SQRT 1260 x 10 = 354.96 approx. lunar year
SQRT 1290 x 10 = 359.17 approx. lunar-solar average year
SQRT 1335 x 10 = 365.38 approx. solar year
The word 'time' Daniel uses to describe a 'time, times and a half' is first interpreted in the KJV as SEASONS.  We acknowledge of course 4 seasons or quarters of a year.  The tropical year being 365.2421896 days divided by 4 seasons is 91.3105474 days.  So if a season is equal to the 91.3105474 days, then a 'season. seasons and a half season' would equate to 319.5869159 days (3.5 seasons).  As mentioned above 1260 is not mentioned in Daniel, but Revelation equates the term to 1260 (also 3.5 'times').
Dividing 319.5869159 by 1260 gives the quoteint .253640409.  That number by itself may seem innocuous.  When multiplied by 2300, (another of Daniel's numbers) the product is the value of 583.37, which is the day interval between meetings of Venus, the sun and the earth within a half of a day or so!
Speaking of Venus:  dividing the sum (1260+1290+1335) of Daniel's Tribulation numbers by the hours in the single day on Venus as it appears from earth, times the earth year and the result is the number of earth days that Venus appears to turn about its axis in one revolution.
(3885/5832.5 hours) x 365.2421896 = 243.28 days  
If you could stand on the planet Venus for one Venusian day (sunrise to sunrise), 116.8 days (sunrise to sunrise) on earth will have passed.  Due to the fact that Venus spins about its axis in the opposite direction as every other planet even though it orbits the sun in the same direction of all the other planets, it appears from earth that it takes Venus about 243.3 days to spin about its axis.  This ratio is approximately 2.083:1.  The ratio of the sum of Daniel's 1290+1335 days to his 'time, times and a half time' (1260) is 2.083:1!!!
243.3/116.8 days = 1260/2625 days
Venus has a precessional cycle which takes 1199 sidereal years or 1215.027624 tropical years to complete, bringing the conjunction station back to the same place in the sky.  It takes 750 sidereal-time conjunctions to complete 1199 years or 760 tropical conjunctions to complete 1215.027624 tropical years.
Where the sum of Daniel's 1260, 1290 and 1335 is 3885, the difference in descending order (1335-1290-1260) is negative 1215.  This precessional cycle of Venus taking 1215 years is in the reverse or negative direction of the orbit!
3885/1215 = 3.19753
In Daniel's vision of the 'time, times and a half', the character lifts his left and right hands towards the heavens to swear, and as if to measure.  The words originally used for left and right are the words for north and south while facing east according to the lexicon.  When the sun rises to the utmost north it is the summer solstice and in the utmost south, the winter.  The days between average 182.62109 days, or the half-year. 
Multiplied by the quotient 3.19753 ------
(3885/1215) x 182.62109 half-year = 583.93 days, the Synodic period of the earth, sun and Venus! 
If you plug in this:  (3885/1215.027624)x182.62109 = 583.92 days, the exact Synodic (conjunction) period.
Due to the 13:8 ratio of Venus:Earth orbital relationship, every 8 years Venus will be almost in the same place in the sky.  It will have had 5 synodic (conjunction) periods of 583.92 days superior or inferior.  If each cycle of 5 conjunctions takes 8 years to complete, then whichever following complete cycle you are looking at must be divisible by 5 and the year count divisible by 8.  However, because of the 2.34 day difference every 8 years, the conjunctions "precess" in the reverse direction. So after 1215 years, the conjunctions are ahead by one year.  760 conjunctions are divisible by 5 but 1215 years are not divisible by 8.  If Venus were slightly slower, 760 conjunctions would have taken 1216 years.  While the 760th conjunction appears in the sky one full solar year ahead, in reality it is only a little over one lunar year (354.367 days) ahead of 1216 years, due to the 25,770 year cycle known as solar-lunar precession.  Consequently, the average between how far ahead it appears (1215.027624 years) and what it would be (1216 years) is 1215.51381 years.
Inserting this average 1215.51381 precessional years into the equation:
1215.51381/(1260+1290+1335) = .31287357
Paraphrasing Daniel 8, he says that the sanctuary would be cleansed after 2300 mornings and evenings. 
According to the OT laws regarding the sanctuary, it was supposed to be cleaned on the 1st of Nisan, which falls on the spring equinox. Nisan is known as the month of the sanctuary.  Even the ancients knew that the EQUINOXES MOVED, by about a degree every 70+ years.  The equinoxes also precess in the opposite direction of planetary orbits, due to the perturbations of the sun and moon and it is called precession of the equinoxes.  So how can Daniel's sanctuary (Nisan 1) be reconciled (cleansed) with the sun, moon and brightest star-like object (Venus), by 2300!!!!!
2300 x .31287357 = 719.609211 days!!! What does that mean????
Earth Tropical Year = 365.2421896 days
         +   Lunar year = 354.367021 days
 =                                719.609211 days combined!!!!!
Taking it out several decimal places, the difference between this calculated month and the current actual month, there is only a 34 hundreths of a second difference!!!!
I'd say that Daniel's celestial numbers reconcile!!!!
It has been noted before that Daniel's 2300 mornings and evenings (original text) could be reffering to the morning and evening appearances of Venus.  Whether it is a morning star or evening star, it takes on average 583.92 solar days to return, rising to rising. 
(2300 x 584)/365 =  3680 years
One of the recurring themes in Daniel is that of the heptad or week.
If 3680 years represent one great day, then 25,760 years represents 1 great week or heptad. 
Currently, lunar-solar precession (of the equinoxes) is calculated as the following:
365.256363004 sidereal year
 - 365.2421896   tropical year
= .014173404
Reciprocal = 70.55468115
So every 70.55468115 years, precession marches back 1 day.  So for precession to come full-circle of one full tropical year's worth of days:
70.55468115 x 365.2421896 = 25,769.546 years
Daniel's great week then has only a difference of approximately 7 years from the current calculation, that is a .027% in 25,770 years!!!!
So I would ask you Mathman, what are your odds of all these things being coincidental?
Praise the Lord!
Kevin H. 
People often equate the 1260 days to a normal period, whereas 1290 days adds a leap month in the Hebrew calendar.  However, consider this at 29.530588853 days per month:
                      One lunar year = 354.367 days
One lunar year + leap month = 383.898 days
One lunar year plus a leap year(added month) =  738.26458 days
1260 x 738.26458 days                      = 930,213.37 days
(1290+1335) x 354.367 days             = 930,213.37 days OR 2,546.8 years
The date of Daniel's chapter 12 vision was on Nisan 24, 3225 as per the text and historical data.  Adding 2,625 lunar years takes us to February 15, 2012