John B (31 Jan 2012)
"Ron Reese, Mathman and others of like mind..........."

Ron Reese, Mathman and others of like mind.........
I am thinking that you may be a little humbled after your rapture and sudden destruction date came and went. Your April 11th date is errant as well.
You have based your whole case on a false assumption. And that false assumption is that Obama is the first beast or the antichrist. He is not.
When one reads the detailed descriptions of the first beast in Rev.13, Rev.17, Dan.7 and other texts...... Obama does not fully meet those descriptions. Whereas Obama may meet some of those descriptions he does not meet them all. And to fulfill God's word Obama would have to fulfill all of them or God is a liar...... and we know the answer to that.
For so many to continue to to beat the war drums that Obama is the first beast, the antichrist, is more than disturbing to me. It means that they won't or haven't analyzed the applicable scripture verses of God's word to ferret out who this first beast is or..... who it can't be.
I truly believe that you guys are born again Christians with a true heart for the Lord.  You are very excited as we all are when faced with what appears to be the soon rapture of the church.  You have dedicated untold hours building and backing up a case for the dates you presented and I have to commend you for your conviction and hard work.........but in my humble opinion the case was anchored on the falsehood of Obama and had to fail.
Don't be discouraged, you are still outstanding watchmen and cheerleaders in this end time scenario. And the bible says that you will receive a special crown for being the watchmen you are. (one side of it might be a little tarnished)  :)
Keep up your hard work for the Lord......
Blessings........John B