F.M. Riley (30 Jan 2012)
"We have arrived…!"

We have arrived…!

                                                                                                                                                    By Pastor F. M. Riley

                                                                                                                                                   January 28, 2012

     “The burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see.

     O Lord, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear!  Even cry out unto Thee of violence, and Thou wilt not save!

     Why dost Thou show me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance?  for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention.

     Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth,”  Habakkuk 1:1-4. 




     I have neither the time nor the desire to write out a complete verse by verse exposition of the Book of Habakkuk.  I will simply state this this entire inspired book is prophetic of the end-time.  This truth can easily be seen by any true believer who is willing to spend the time and put forth the effort that it takes to seriously study it.  This inspired book had nothing at all to do with the day and time in which Habakkuk lived, except that it was given to him as a “vision” during his lifetime.

     Those readers who will spend the time and put forth the effort to seriously study this book will find that Habakkuk 1 first sets forth a descriptive prophecy of the exact world conditions existing in the latter part of the 20th century and the early years of this 21st century [1:1-4], then moves forward to describe the first Desert Storm war in modern Iraq [ancient Chaldea] and its aftermath, 1:6-10.  But the chapter also explicitly points out the New World Order Illuminists who are the instigators of these wars among the nations today, 1:13-17.  Read also Jeremiah 5:26-29, 8:3, and Micah 2:1-3 in reference to these New World Order Illuminists scum. 

      Then in chronological order Habakkuk 2 begins with a prophecy of the Lord’s coming to resurrect and rapture New Covenant believers to glory, 2:1-4.  Compare Hebrews 10:35-39.  The rest of Chapter 2 sets forth detailed information about the Anti-christ which will come on the world scene immediately following the resurrection and rapture of all New Covenant believers, 2:5-20. 

     Habakkuk 3 then sets forth details of the Tribulation judgments and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and His triumphant victory over His enemies and the enemies of Israel at the end of the Tribulation, 3:1-19.

     This is a brief overview of all three chapters.  Now study this inspired book verse by verse and word by word for yourself, comparing related passages, and it should be easy for true believers who have spiritual discernment to see the “time frame” of this book for themselves.   


Habakkuk’s Protest


     Now let’s go back to the first four verses in Chapter One; our text passage for this study.

     Habakkuk 1:1…….In this Scripture Habakkuk explicitly states that what he is about to write was  a “burden” which the Lord was showing him.  In other words, it was a “vision” of future events which was deeply troubling to Habakkuk.  The Hebrew word translated as “burden” in this Scripture is the word, “massa.”  This word occurs 66 times in the Old Testament.  The word literally means, “burden; load; what is lifted and carried; oppression; prophetic utterance; pronouncement [grievous or threatening]; exaction of debt owed.”  See Gesenius Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon, page 512, Strong’s No. 4853. 

     Habakkuk 1:2…….The “vision” was so troubling to Habakkuk that he cried out to the Lord in protest of what the Lord was showing him.  From the wording of this Scripture, as well as the rest of


the book, Habakkuk was obviously “pained” by just seeing this “vision.”  Habakkuk was being shown great “violence” against his own people and also against other peoples and nations.  Habakkuk responded to what the Lord was showing him by accusing the Lord of not hearing his cries of protest and of refusing to “save” the peoples suffering such violence.

     Habakkuk 1:3…….In this Scripture Habakkuk then described exactly what he was being shown in his “vision.”  Habakkuk stated that he was seeing “iniquity” and “grievance,” “spoiling” and “violence,” and wicked people who obviously were deliberately “raising up” “strife and contention.”   See 1:12-17. 

     Habakkuk 1:4…….But Habakkuk was also seeing the results of such wickedness being perpetrated throughout the whole world system.  He explicitly stated, “Therefore [because of these things] the law is slacked [numbed; feeble; not enforced], and judgment [justice] doth never go forth: for [because] the wicked doth compass about [encircle] the righteous; therefore wrong judgment [corrupted; perverted] proceedeth [goes forward; multiplies; dominates].”   

     In the introduction above I have already pointed out that this entire “vision” has to do with the end-times in which we living right now.   Now look around at the world you are living in today and see for yourself the truth spoken by Habakkuk. 


What Habakkuk was shown…..


     In 1:3 Habakkuk specifically protested that the Lord was showing him a vision of…….


     Iniquity…….The Hebrew word used by Habakkuk in 1:3 is not the common word for “iniquity” in the Old Testament.  The Hebrew word ordinarily translated as “iniquity” in the Old Testament is the word, “awon,” which often speaks of the “stubborn attitude” of a person or people to have their own way.  This word occurs 231 times in the Old Testament.   See Strong’s No. 5771.

     But the word used by Habakkuk in this Scripture is the word, “awen.  This Hebrew word literally refers to “wickedness, calamity, injustice, and idolatry.  This word occurs 80 times in the Old Testament.  See Strong’s No. 205.  In other words, the Lord was showing Habakkuk a “vision” of  raw evil occurring among his own Jewish people and among the nations and peoples of the earth.  Now take a look around you today and see with your own eyes the truth of Habakkuk’s “vision.” 

      The inspired Word explicitly tells God’s people [true believers], “This know also, that in the last days perilous [grevious; dangerous] times shall come.  For men shall be……,” 2 Timothy 3:1-7. Read the whole passage.  This is exactly in harmony with what Habakkuk was being shown by the Lord.    The stubborn self-will of mankind [iniquity] over the past 4,300 years has been passed on from rebellious parents to their children [Exodus 20:5] until a point of wickedness, unparalleled since “the days of Noah,” has finally been reached, Luke 17:26.  WE HAVE ARRIVED!

     Grievance…….Once more Habakkuk did not use any of the Hebrew words for grief or to grieve or to be grieved which commonly occur in the Old Testament Scriptures.  Rather, Habakkuk was inspired of God to use the Hebrew word, “amal.”  This Hebrew word occurs only 55 times in the Old Testament, and literally means “trouble; sorrow; misery; pain; mischief; wickedness; labor.”  See Strong’s No. 5999.  

     This perfectly describes the situation that presently exists among mankind as we are swiftly approaching the last days [or hours] of the end of this age.   The “good” life that we older people once knew as children has vanished in the winds of change.  The changes which have occurred since the end of the Second World War [or since Israel became a nation in 1948] have not been for the better, but rather have brought almost total collapse of moral and ethical values and extreme wickedness upon humanity living today. The collapse of such values upon any nation or people is always accompanied by outright wickedness, and such wickedness always brings great misery and  grief of heart upon the people.   Compare Revelation 3:14-17, noticing that the Lord Himself


explicitly stated that the “Laodicean church” is “…wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”  The Laodicean church letter prophetically portrays church history at the end of this present dispensation in which we are living right now.   Coincidence?   Not hardly!     

      Tell me, those of our readers who look at life today from a Scriptural world view…….  

      Did legalized abortion bring joy or grief to this country and to humanity?   Read Genesis 42:22.      

      Did legalized gambling [the lottery and casinos] make the people happier and more productive, or has it destroyed lives and brought suffering and grief?   Read Genesis 3:17-19.

      Is the current move to legalize drugs promoting happiness, or is it causing great grief everywhere it spreads?  Read Romans 6:23.

     How about legalized prostitution which is “legal” in the state of Nevada, and which is right now being discussed and considered in other states as a new source of tax revenue for the government?   Happiness or grief?   Read Leviticus 20, Hebrews 13:4, and Revelation 21:7-8. 

     Has legalized pornography under the guise of “freedom of speech” or “freedom of expression” promoted joy or grief to the American people?   Read  Proverbs 31:10-31 and 1 Timothy 2:9-10.       

     How about the removal of prayer and forbidding the teaching of moral and ethical values in the public schools?  Has this produced a finer quality of young people, or the most unhappy and miserable generation of youth in our nation’s history?  Read Proverbs 22:6 and 17:25.       

     What about the abolishment of capital punishment for cold blooded murderers, child molesters, kidnappers, rapists, and other assorted hardened criminals?  Whether some like it or not, it was Almighty God who explicitly commanded capital punishment for such inhuman vermin in the “everlasting covenant” He made with Noah and with “every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth,” Genesis 9:5-6; 9:16?  Read Numbers 35:16-18; 35:31.  Has the abolishment of capital punishment made our society happier and safer?  Well…??   

     What about the legalization of homo-sexuality, and now homo-sexual marriage?  Has this really brought more joy and happiness into the lives of people living today, or has it left a trail of broken  lives, families torn apart, mass confusion among young people over their “gender identity,” and great grief of heart?  Like it or not, Leviticus 18, Leviticus 20, Romans 1:21-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Revelation 9:20-21, 21:8, and 21:27 are still in the Bible, and Almighty God will judge all such “abomination,” Leviticus 18:22.     

     Has the legalization of any of these things, and numerous other corruptions which I could mention, really improved our world system, or have they just left a trail of broken hearts, broken lives, death, and deep grief?     Every honest reader KNOWS the answer!   Read Isaiah 5:20.   

      Just as Habakkuk predicted, “grievance” has touched or is touching the lives of nearly every person on earth today through their own personal situation, or through their children, or their relatives, or their neighbors, or their friends, or their community, or through…….???   Folks, we are there!  WE HAVE ARRIVED! 

     Spoiling…….This word is translated from the Hebrew word, “sod.”  This word literally means, “destruction; ruin; robbery; wasting; oppression; spoiling.”  See Strong’s No. 7701. 

      Nearly every newscast daily reports on an abundance of robberies, muggings, home invasions, thievery, auto theft, breaking and entering, destruction of property, extortion, graft, rapes, kidnapping, and murders, even by so-called “respectable” people [?] in “high places.” These things are now occurring with every passing day.   Sadly, the public has come to accept it as “normal!”   

     This is what Habakkuk was being shown occurring on a world wide scale during these very “last days” in which we are living.  Habakkuk cried out to the Lord in his sorrow and grief as the Lord showed him such “spoiling.”   Yes folks, we are there!  WE HAVE ARRIVED!

     Strife and contention…….In this same Scripture Habakkuk also protested that the Lord was showing him people who deliberately “raise up strife and contention.”

     Are there really people like this?  Ho boy!  What planet have some simple minded people been living on?  People who really want to live in peace and harmony don’t deliberately promote “strife and contention.”  But over the past fifty years there have been all kinds of organizations, “causes,”


movements, marches, and demonstrations, that have taken on a life of their own, each of them demanding “special recognition and rights” for themselves or their group.  These groups have divided the people in this country, pitting race against race, gender against gender, rich against poor, workers against welfare recipients, home owners against renters, and on and on and on, keeping “strife and contention” stirred up all the time in one area or another.  The news media, the movie and TV industries, corrupt politicians, and even some business leaders subtly encourage such “strife and contention” because they know how to make money off of it.  G-R-E-E-D!  Every honest reader knows that I am speaking the truth.  Remember what Christ said about a house or a family or a kingdom divided against itself?    WE HAVE ARRIVED!


The Terrible Consequences…….


     What Habakkuk was shown in 1:3-4 had obviously so corrupted the whole world system that in 1:4, Habakkuk then said…….

     “the law is slacked”…….The Hebrew word translated as “slacked” in this Scripture is the word, “pug.”  This word occurs only four times in the Old Testament.  It literally means “to grow numb; to be feeble; to become benumbed; feeble; (nearly useless).”  See Strong’s No. 6313. 

     Folks, it doesn’t take a great deal of intelligence to see and understand that this is the exact situation existing in this country and most of the nations of the world today.   All over the world today respect for and obedience to the laws is nearly non-existent.  In fact, multitudes of people today obey the law on the basis of “convenience,” “opportunity,” and whether they think they will “get caught” or not.   This includes celebrities, politicians, and people in “high places.” The only people today who still show a genuine respect for the laws of their country are usually the small minority of people who still have a fear of and respect for Almighty God.  

     “judgment doth never go forth”…….The Hebrew word translated as “judgment” in this Scripture is the word, “mishpat.” This word as used in this passage literally means, “justice.” See Strong’s No. 4941.  The literal Hebrew text actually reads, 

     “Therefore has become helpless the law, and not goes forth continually justice.  For the wicked entraps the righteous; therefore goes forth justice being perverted.” (Hendrickson Interlinear Hebrew Greek English Bible). 

     What Habakkuk is literally saying is that true “justice” has become practically extinct.  The judicial systems of mankind have become a mockery of justice, corrupted and distorted by “the wicked.”   “Justice” today is for sale to those who have the funds to hire slick tongued attorneys, and  pay  “under the table” bribes to “witnesses,” lawyers, and jurors, and often to corrupt judges.

     I am sure some readers will think I am being negative and pessimistic.  Am I?  Then why is it that in a few “high profile” cases today that catch the attention of the general populace, where real justice finally does prevail, the people and the news media ecstatically proclaim, “See, our judicial system does work!”   Big deal!  Why doesn’t the public and the news media get this excited about every case brought before the courts?  Why make such a display about “justice” being served in only a few cases which catch the attention of the general public?  Well…??  Hello!

     Folks, Habakkuk was describing exactly to the letter the truth about what is happening in our world system today.  Whether some like it or not, WE HAVE ARRIVED!   


God’s Astounding Work…….


     The truly observant reader should have noticed that I skipped over verse 5 when setting forth the “Introduction” to this study.  Yes, I did do so deliberately!  Why?  I’m so glad you asked…….

     In 1:5 the Lord begins answering the outcry which Habakkuk made in the first four verses of the chapter.  In this Scripture the Lord tells Habakkuk,

     “Behold [consider; take notice] ye among the heathen [Gentiles], and regard, and wonder


 marvelously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.” 

     Now what “work” is the Lord speaking about doing?  The Lord explicitly states that this “work” will be done by Him “among the heathen” [Gentiles] while Habakkuk’s people, the Jews, “regard, and wonder marvelously.”  The Lord also explicitly states that Habakkuk and his people will not believe that this “work” of the Lord is going to occur, even though they are told about it.  The clear implication here is that they will be told in advance of the “work” which the Lord will do, but will refuse to believe what they are told.  Now what “work” of the Lord could this possibly be? 

     Notice that the time period during which this “work” of the Lord among the Gentiles is carried out has already been set forth in verses 2 - 4 of this chapter.  In other words, this “work” of the Lord will come to pass during the exact time when the wicked, immoral, unethical, world conditions shown to Habakkuk in these verses are prevailing upon the earth; the very time period we are living in RIGHT NOW!   Think about it! 

     Also notice the two different words translated as “work” in this Scripture.  The first Hebrew word is “pa’al.”  This word literally means to do.” See Strong’s No. 6466.  The second Hebrew word is “po’al,” which literally means done.”  In other words, the Lord not only told Habakkuk that He will do this “work,” but that Habakkuk should consider it done!  Absolute certainty that it will come to pass without fail.  Read Romans 4:17. 

     Be sure to notice the words “wonder marvelously.”  The word “wonder” is translated from the Hebrew word, “tamah.”  This word literally means, “to be astonished; astounded; stunned; shocked;  amazed; smitten; (with fear and terror).” See Strong’s No. 8539.  But this is just part of the story! The English word “marvelously” is translated from the exact same word!  In other words, the Lord in His inspired Word used the exact same Hebrew word twice, placing double emphasis on what He was saying.  There are only a very few places in the entire Bible where this is done.  This certainly emphasizes the importance of this statement being made by the Lord.  A literal rendering of the Lord’s statement in this passage actually reads,

     “See among the nations [Gentiles] and behold, and be amazed, be amazed for a work is working in your days, which not you will believe, though it be told you.” (Hendrickson Interlinear Hebrew Greek English Bible). 

     So what is this “work” that the Lord is going to do during the very time period we are presently living in today as described by Habakkuk in 1:2-4?  I’m so glad you asked…….


In the Interim…….


     Now let’s review again the general outline which I set forth in the “Introduction” to this study.    Immediately after giving Habakkuk this prophecy in verse 5, the Lord then in verses 6-11 told Habakkuk that He would “raise up the Chaldeans…..”   

     Yes, I am well aware that the armies of Nebuchadnezzar, king of ancient Babylon, invaded ancient Judah and the nations of the Middle East and established the ancient Babylonian Empire.  I am also  aware that most [or maybe all] commentaries and commentators assign these Scriptures to that same invasion of the land of Judah by ancient Babylon.  However, please notice that neither Babylon nor Nebuchadnezzar are mentioned anywhere in these Scriptures.  Rather, the inspired Word simply refers to “the Chaldeans.”  Now are the present day Iraqi people descendants of the ancient Chaldeans?  Yes or no?  Don’t hem or haw around!  Just answer the question. 

     The truth is that verses 6-11 contain a detailed description of the Desert Storm War, and Saddam Hussein’s actions following that war.   Maybe some of these “commentators” would like to explain how this detailed description given some 2,600 years ago “just happens” to describe in detail the invasion of Kuwait by the armies of Saddam Hussein [verse 6], how that invasion occurred after dark when the invading army moved into Kuwait like “evening wolves” [verse 8], how a Coalition of Nations led by “the eagle” [the U.S.] came against Iraq and Hussein [verse 8], how that the Iraqi


military threw down their arms and surrendered by the thousands [verse 9], how that in the aftermath of the war Saddam Hussein refused to cooperate with the decrees issued by the U.N. and just “scoffed” at their decrees [verse 10].   I will be breathlessly waiting to see how these “great scholars” attempt to explain away this detailed prophecy.   Hello! 


A New World Order…….


      It also seems more than “coincidence” that during or shortly after the Desert Storm war, George Bush Sr. made a speech in which he publicly stated that with the armies of a Coalition of Nations all working together, a New World Order had arrived!  Now isn’t it interesting that right here in Habakkuk 1:12-17, immediately following the inspired description of the Desert Storm War and the aftermath of it, the inspired Word speaks about the New World Order Illuminists?  Oh yes it does!  Study these Scriptures for yourself! 

     Anyone who has ever seriously researched the Illuminati knows that some 400 years ago that wicked group of ultra-rich world planners set forth a plan to instigate three world wars [and such minor wars as they deemed necessary], the last world war to begin in the Middle East.  Their plans were that following the third world war they would be able to establish their New World Order one-world government over the whole earth.  Now look where humanity is at today!  What is humanity facing RIGHT NOW with Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb and their threat to annihilate Israel, the U.S., and any other nation which opposes them?  Even the liberal news media is reporting on the “possibility” of Iran’s nuclear ambitions plunging the whole world into a third world war!  Folks, WE HAVE ARRIVED! 

     Now let’s be honest with God’s Word!  It is not an old “out of date” book.  Read Romans 3:4.  God’s Word has written the headlines for the whole world hundreds and even thousands of years in advance.  The “wise” will take heed to the inspired Word.  “Fools” will ignore it and rush on to their own destruction.      

Back to “God’s Work”…….


     Now let’s go back to the “work” prophesied by the Lord in 1:5.  What is this “work” which the Lord explicitly told Habakkuk that He will do?   A “work” …….

     [1]   Among the Gentiles…….

     [2]   The Jews will not believe when told of it in advance…….

     [3]   That will capture the attention of every Jew on earth when it occurs……. 

     [4]   That will be astonishing to the Jews [and to the whole world] when it occurs…….             

     [5]    Which will strike fear into the hearts of all those left on the earth…….


    The answer to this question is easily found by keeping the Scriptures in the same chronological order that the Lord Himself placed them in as He gave this inspired “vision” to Habakkuk, exactly as outlined in the “Introduction” to this study.                   

     It should be obvious to any true believer who seriously studies the prophecies of God’s Word and knows how to “rightly divide the Word of truth” that it is the Pre-tribulation Rapture of true New Covenant believers which will bring this present evil world” [aion…age] to an end, Galatian 1:4; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 3:10.  It isn’t then just “coincidence” that Habakkuk 2:2-4 expressly speaks about events leading up to the coming [parousia] of Christ to resurrect and rapture His New Covenant believers to glory at the “appointed time” for the Pre-tribulation Rapture to occur.  Compare these same verses [2:2-4] with their transliteration in Hebrews 10:35-39.  Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you Lord Jesus!

      If any reader wants an in-depth exposition of Habakkuk 2:1-4, I’ll be glad to send them a copy of my recent study, “Alert! The “vision” speaks “at the end”…..” I will send it free to any reader upon request.


“I will work a work…….”


     [1] The “work” that the Lord will then do among the Gentiles is the Pre-tribulation Rapture of His New Covenant Gentile bride [church], 2 Corinthians 11:1-2. 

     [2] Again, is it just “coincidence” that the unbelieving religious Jews, including many “Messianic Jews,” refuse to believe there is going to be a Pre-tribulation Rapture of true New Covenant Christian believers, in spite of there being plenty of Scriptural evidence for it?   I’ll be more than happy to send my entire series of studies on “The Pre-tribulation Rapture” to any doubter or skeptic, right along with a challenge to anyone to refute the studies with book, chapter, and verse from God’s Word.   No opinions!  No human reasoning!  No feelings!  Scripture!  Is that fair enough?

     [3] When the Pre-tribulation Rapture occurs, it will capture the attention of every living Jew left on this earth.  They will indeed “regard” it.  This word in the Hebrew text literally means, “to gaze; to look at; to consider; to behold; to capture one’s attention.”  See Strong’s No. 5027. 

     [4] The presently unbelieving Jews will be absolutely astounded, astonished, amazed, shaken in their very being, when the Pre-tribulation Rapture occurs, particularly because of the way they are presently scoffing at the very idea of there even being a rapture.  Hey!  Don’t they even believe their own Scriptures, Genesis 5:21-24; 2 Kings 2:1-11?  Well…??  Also read Mark 10:27. 

     [5] When the word begins to circulate [and it will…speedily] that the Pre-tribulation Rapture presently proclaimed by true New Covenant believers really occurred, such stark terror will penetrate the hearts and minds of the Jews and others left behind as they have never previously known in their whole lives.  Many people will collapse and die on the spot from heart failure after hearing that the rapture has occurred.  Yet many others, praise the Lord, will fall on their faces before the Lord God whom they refused to believe on and cry out to Him for mercy on their souls, and finally find salvation in Christ.   Now read Luke 21:25-28 and let the words stated there soak in to your very soul.  Dear readers…..


We have arrived!



     No, I do not know the “date” the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to resurrect and rapture His New Covenant bride to glory.  But I sure do KNOW we are living in the “time frame” of the Lord’s coming  RIGHT NOW, exactly as indicated right here in the Book of Habakkuk and many other prophecies of God’s Word.  How can I be so sure?  Doesn’t 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4 explicitly say that the Lord’s true believers “are not in darkness”?  Well…??  Read it for yourself! 

     Folks, I am “watching” for and praying for my Lord’s coming every single day!  The man [or woman] has not been born yet that is going to steal my “blessed hope,” Titus 2:11-15.  I am saved by grace through faith in the precious blood of Christ, Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5-7.  Therefore I am ready to meet my beloved Savior in glory at the Pre-tribulation Rapture. 

     But how about you?   Has your eternal destiny been settled for time and eternity between you and the Lord?  Faith in Christ alone is God’s way of salvation for the repentant believing sinner.  Won’t you bow your heart before Him today and receive Him by faith as your own personal Savior? Read John 3:3-8, 3:16; 3:36, 5:24, 14:6, Acts 4:12, 16:30-31, 20:21, Romans 10:8-13; and Ephesians 2:8-10, and obey these Scriptures in humble sincere prayer by faith. They work!  Then send me an email and let me know that the Lord has saved you.  I want to rejoice with you!       

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     Use this study as the Lord leads.  Address any questions, comments, or correspondence to Pastor F. M. Riley, 184 County Road 108, Harrisburg, MO 65256 or fmrglbd5@yahoo.com