Chelsea Brown (14 Jan 2012)
"Josua :  Jan 7th post :  Obama, 666,  Scripture"

Your post of Jan 7th on Obama is an excellent summary. Can I add a few thoughts ?

 Is Obama a candidate for AntiChrist ? Is he the FALSE MESSIAH ? Of all Biblical subjects,  this topic is the one that has been almost entirely neglected by Bible students for 2,000 years. There are many books on Satan, but Rev Arthur Pink  is the only writer I know who has concentrated a study upon this man, the ANTICHRIST. Most of Pink's analysis is limited as he could not calculate the 666 number and was restricted to scriptural descriptions. Nearly all of the current, applicable calculations, the number 666 and 216(6x6x6) and 6+6+6, are found on this website, Pink does not venture there as he died  many years ago.
I would break down the analysis :
 A.Antichrist, his number. Triple SIX, its variants, mulitplied, roots, etc. It is His name, his Birth, his downfall. He is tied to and connected to the number and variants.Most of all , it identifies him by a number, triple 6 .

As John Tng , Kevin Heckle, Bob Ware and others on Five Doves have suggested, there is more than just a calculation of Barak Obama's name adding up in multiple ways to 666. Mr Heckle calculated 22 different ways to do that. Obama's name does that, but there is much more See Heckle's link here.     It is an association with 666, 6x6x6, and even 6+6+6. The Illinois lottery winning number struck 666 an unbelievable FOUR times in 2008 as Obama ran for President, each date it did so being significant in his campaign, especially Nov 5, the very day of his election. His birth on day 216 (Aug 4), the only 666 Day on the calender.Born at latitude 21.6. (Honolulu). He obtains passage of Obamacare legislation with an odd requirement of 216 votes (usually takes 218 votes to pass a law). Obama submits a budget ; 216 pages long. He cancels 216 minority education scholarships in Washington, DC. He claims to have deported 216,000 illegal aliens. Mr Obama, as Josua noted, will be 6000+6000+6000+666+6 days old on Rosh Hashana 2012.

John Tng made some additional astounding discoveries relating to the calculations of Obama's name in English, noting the number 793.The 793 number had been observed and noted as a peculiar numerical pattern that existed in various antichrist verses by Paul Black. The number now ties those verses to Obama. It is also, the reverse reading of 397, the value of Jesus in Hebrew......

B. What does Scripture say ? A descendant of the people who destroy Jerusalem, a man who seems to have some peculiarty as to how he came by his own name, a man who comes out of the sea. A man received willingly with support of Jewish and non-Jewish people. A man who regards no God, nor the times and laws. A "beast".

 Here is a link to Obama's unusual name change as reported in Newsweek. 
..Barak Obama comes from ancestry which seems to include Titus, the Roman General and ruler who destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD.Titus was stationed in both Egypt (ruling the remains of the Assyrian-Kenyan empire) and later in northern Europe (Obama's mother came from German ancestors. Normally Roman Generals kept local concubines.
It should be noted that Obama in 2008 while campaigning for President took a trip to Berlin , Germany where he gave a speech in front on the Pergamon Museum. The Pergamon was moved to Germany in the late 1800's and in scripture is called "The seat of Satan" Rev 2:13. Since its relocation, Germany started two world wars. Obama's 2008 nomination at Mile high Stadium in Denver was in front of a copy of the Pergamon design. The similar design is remarkable.The SEAT OF SATAN.

A few more interesting odd points: His car is called the "beast". His Secret Service nickname is "renegade". He has been called "Messiah" by many. His children have peculiar names ; Natasha (Sasha) spelled backwards, Ah Satan and Malia, an anagram for IM ALA. .The Psalms say antichrist will have children. Obama's birth is somewhat a mystery, like the real Messiah. It is all a bit odd.

 C.Ties to Bible verses containing triple sixes. For example, Solomon had 666 talents of gold. See John Tng's excellent article linked below.

 D.Ties to Bible verses where the verse number (and/or Chapter number) is tied to triple sixes
Of course, Mr Obama choose to speak on two important occasions quoting from scripture, notably Psalm 46. This Psalm is Chapter 666 , counting back from Revelation. He quotes from this at the 9-11-11 memorial speech and earlier in Arizona where a congresswoman had sustained a near fatal head wound.The Psalm says, in part," Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

It is significant that the first occurance of the name, Barak, is found in verse 6,606. Judges 4:6. The story of Barak continues into chapter 5 , or chapter 216 (6x6x6). So both chapter and verse are tied to Barak. Zero is not a true number, but rather a placeholder. Also, Kevin Heckle observed that the last name, Obama is located in Judges 4:6 in the phrase" Barak, the son of Abinoam". He is "in" the family. Remove "in" and beginning at "O" go backwards, like Hebrew, it spells O-B-A-M-A. All the letters, in  exact order found in "Abinoam". So both Barak and Obama in verse and chapter tied to 666. Verse numbers can be located at

 E.Ties to Bible verses utilizing the word Antichrist in the text. See Kevin Heckle's excellent article on fivedoves,  linked below. .
 Also, John Tng added insight to Mr Heckle's discovery, linked here.

 F. Astronomical Signs in the heavens. Eclipses. The constellations declare the glory of God and pinpoint the time of events to the minute and year.

 The Book of Genesis, the Words of God, state "let there be lights in the firmament of heaven....and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years." Gen 1:14 The Hebrew word translated seasons is the identical same word translated festivals elsewhere. The festivals are Jewish Holidays , certain dates set aside to meet with God and include (Spring) Passover, Firstfruits, and (Fall) Rosh Hashana and Tabernacles. Note, the lights are not said to be given for "seeing or for heat". They are SIGNS tied to the Festivals. Thus, the constellations, the eclipses and the movement of the lights of our firmament are God's time clock. .Signs tell what is ahead.

 A messianic Jewish Pastor, Mark Blitz of Washington state, noticed several years ago that there was a very rare sequence of four total lunar eclipses (called Tetrads) set to take place on the exact dates of up coming Jewish Festivals. His research determined that a series of four total Lunar eclipses, all in consecutive order and all four taking place on the exact day of the four Jewish festivals .....this rare event had taken place only 7 times in 2,000 years. These total Lunar eclipses ( also called Blood Red Moons due to their color) had always taken place on years of great Jewish signifigance. Recently, 1949-50 when the first Jewish government was formed in 2000 years, and in 1967 when Jerusalem was recovered by Israel as predicted in Luke 21:24. The eclipses fall again in 2014-15. The first one was in 33AD. Lunar eclipses are a sign to the Jews.

The book of Isaiah also describes eclipses of the sun. Isaiah 12: 9-10 says" behold the day of the Lord cometh...the sun shall be darkened in his going forth.." Now that is a rare event, a Solar eclipse that begins at sunrise,at its going forth. But much more than that, the Lord set THREE TOTAL SOLAR eclipses all on the same day of the Jewish calender 1 AV 2008,2009, and 2010. Av is the month of judgement. The 2009 eclipse on 1 AV began to the exact minute at SUNRISE. Solar eclipses are a sign to the world.So we have a combination of Total Solar and Total Lunar eclipses, all pointing to 2015........And 2016 is a Jubilee Year.

Finally, there are Mr Heckle's astonishing discoveries of the position of the constellations at specific minutes, on specific dates, in our exact current calender years. I am humbled to have the privilege to study his remarkable insights.His articles on the constellation positions at the exact minute, the exact hour, the very day and exact year of Barak Obama's birth 7:24pm Aug 4 1961 Honolulu time.....that amazed me. And he duplicates the feat with studies of the minute and date of Obama's half hour speech on 8pm eastern time Oct 29, 2008 which "confirmed a covenant with many".... Dan 9:27.  And THEN he tops those with his explanation of Daniel's great mystery...When is the END?  Daniel had given the exact day of Messiah's first coming and Daniel DID answer the question.... when was the end ? Finally, Daniel's answer is EXPLAINED     Here is that last Heckle post, linked 
Every indication points to this April, a time near Easter as a culmination of events.Some mysteries remain, perhaps they will transpire beginning Jan 28th. It seems possible, even likely. Thank you Ron Reese.
Can anyone say with certainty that Mr Obama is the same person described in scripture ? I can not. He certainly might qualify. My son says every person can have enough 666 ties if you look hard enough. Others on five doves suggest this king or that prince. The fact is, of world leaders, only Obama and one other person show a single, solitary connection to 666. Only Obama has more than one connection to triple six, and Obama's are a multitude, a river of numbers.Not to mention, his are IN SCRIPTURE.

I seldom post on fivedoves. I read it every day. I print it and share it. I do thank all who have taken time to share their insights. We are just scratching the surface of great things to come. God Bless the Doves, and especially John Tng. Maranatha, All