Will Schumacher (3 Jan 2011)
"Genesis 11  and 411 + 276"

Clay Cantrell highlights this bracket


There is another interesting bracket

Shelah 30 years old became father of Heber

Eber 34 years old became father of Peleg,

Peleg 30 years old became father of Reu, died at 239, Eber was age 273 when Peleg died

Reu 32 years old became father  of Serug, died at 239

Serug 30 years old became father of Nahor

This seems to highlight Peleg becoming the father of Reu-It is the center 30

Peleg means division and Reu friend, so division brought forth a friend

Does gematria show anything special?

Gen 11:18 And Peleg lived thirty years, and begat Reu

3rd word down H7970 has gematria of 686(2x343)

Total to H7970=822

Again 411 for 4-11-12 (which was 1290 days after 9-29-08 and 1260 days before 9-23-15) which is day 102 and  Nisan 19 so 119


822=119x2 + 73x8

822=206x3 + 102x2 (206 referring to 430 days before or 2-6-11)

822=2012 +  -119x10

Also when you look at the definition of Reu it means in the sense of H7453 in which it is used for the 1st time in Gen 11:3-this caught my attention because Peleg has gematria of 113

Gen 11:3 And they said to one another .  Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly.  And they had brick for stone, and slime they had for mortar.

Total gematria to H7453=822 again


A further interesting factor is that as I have stated before I believe something significant will happen 2-6-11 to Israel regarding division-either the final peace talks begin that day, war, treaty signed, or change in leadership-I do not know but I hope it is the actual treaty signed.  This is partly based on 2-6-11 being 430 days before 4-11-12 just as Peleg was born 430 years before Eber died.

http://www..fivedoves.com/letters/aug2010/wills816-3.htm (full post about 2-6-11)

2-6-11 is day 37 on our calendar.  Both Peleg and Reu died at the age 239.  I have wondered what that 239 means-I personally believe it is something significant.  What if it means 239 days later, or on our calendar day 276,(37+239) something will happen again pertaining to the division 239 days earlier.

First I noticed that Reu has a gematria of 276.  I also noticed that verse 276 in the bible is Gen 11:9  This verse is about Babel  and jewish tradition is that the Tower of Babel was scattered by God in the year Peleg died.

I also was interested by the fact that if division happens 430 days before 4-11-12 and peleg or division dies 239 days late that leaves 191 days left until 4-11-12.

This is the bracket of ages again 30,34,30,32,30 which is =156.  If you add in the age Arphaxad had Shelah at which is 35 you have 156+35=191, the amount of days left from 4-11-12.

I then looked at the verse that talks about the death of Peleg

Gen 11:19 And Peleg lived after he begat Reu two hundred and nine years, and begat sons and daughters.

Strongs side total to H7466 Reu(gem 276)=665

665=276 + 113 + 276  113=gematria of peleg

On Original text side total to H7466=1104


It seems quite compelling that day 276 something will happen which is 10-3-11


Clay Cantrell’s polonium 210 day is quite interesting-Nov 23, 2006

It is 2012 days inclusive to May 26, 2012

It is 1967 days inclusive to 4-11-12.  1967 is a year identified with Israel because of June 7, 1967

It is 1776 days to 10-3-11-which identifies with us.  Babel means Babylon and people have speculated that we are the modern day Babylon.  Could something happen to us that day that allows the nations to surround Israel by 4-11-12 as Luke’s version of the AOD seems to indicate.

It could be just an anomaly because it is 1537 days of 2-6-11 and I don’t know what that means.  But it is also 14 x113 days of 3-23-11 which is 430 days before 5-26-12 (I believe something will happen that day also)

 Will Schumacher