Suzi (31 Jan 2011)
"Thank you Nicole re: Dates & such"

When I was into the paranormal/occult, I did some 'math' based on many different calendars (without the benefit of the internet too!) and came to alot of the same dates that you outline. I also arrived at 2011 as a date of some major upheaval 'in the universe'. How I wish I'd kept those notes, but when I came to Christ, I got rid of all my books and journals and asked God to wipe my mind clean of all those things.

Another thing about Obama and infanticide....YES! He is an 'omabanation'...he is a baby killer. My daughter was involved in full time ministry with a Pro-life group, then on her own. She protested BHO at Saddleback when he debated McCain, she drafted the letter that many prolifers signed asking Rick Warren to ask the tough questions which he did not do, but rather feebly asked the most basic of question..still getting BHO to show his true self with the now infamous "above my paygrade" answer as to when life begins.

Jill Stanick, Lila Rose, Dr. Alveda King and many others have tried to point out how pro-death Obama is. For whatever reason, people just ignore it. Obama LIED on camera during an interview, saying others were lying about his record, when, of course his record was public knowledge. Then he appoints Kathleen Sibilius who was all buddy buddy with Dr. Death himself George Tiller...who not only let born alive babies die, but KILLED them once they were delivered. *keep in mind, a baby that is close to term must be 'delivered' via 'birth', just based on size alone*. Now Dr. Gosnell has been found to have been doing the same thing for 40 years, even before Roe V. Wade. If this is not 'child sacrifice, what is?

Yes, even if BHO isn't the actual vessel the AC uses, he is most definitely a 'path maker' for the real thing.