Susanna Petrie (1 Jan 2011)
"I need perspective!"

Okay, I feel kind of silly writing this because there is a very large possibility we will all be in heaven before tomorrow morning, so this letter may be completely moot.   But if we are still here, I need help understanding this.  I have read on here and other places for quite some time about all the 11 and 111 and 1111 that every one is seeing.  I have asked the Lord to show me them also but all I ever see is 9:15 and 915 and 91.5, I see those numbers everywhere all the time... as often, I would guess, that all of you are seeing 1's.   Now the weird part is that 9/15 is my birthday and I am wondering if the Lord is telling me that I am too egocentric to see anything else, or if there is another meaning.  This has been going on for several years and I have prayed for the meaning and gotten nothing.  I do recieve answer to prayer in other things often, so this has baffled me.   Any input???  Blessings, Susanna