Rowina (1 Jan 2011)
"To Renee M. on January 6/7"

I am interested in your thoughts on the first week of January 2011 and a possible rapture on Epiphany, January
6/7.  I too have been interested in that as a possible rapture date for several years, because it is a gentile
feast and because Epiphaneia in Greek means "Great Appearing".  And more recently because my husband went
to be with the Lord on Epiphany 2009.

One slight correction:  you say that this will be a rare time when Epiphany and Orthodox Christmas will be
on the same day.  what I learned when studying to become a member of a Greek Orthodox church was that
January 6 is Greek Christmas as well as Epiphany.  I was told they always coincide.  I was told, too, that this
was the "original" day picked by the early church for the celebration, but the Roman half changed the day
to December 25.   Now this is only what I was told and it could have variations, since the Greek Orthodox
church in America is only one of many Orthodox churches in the world.  There are the Russian Orthodox,
Serbian Orthodox, Antiochian, and quite a few others.  These churches bore the brunt of the Islamic attempt
to invade Europe from the East, just as southern France bore the brunt of the Islamic attempt to capture
Europe from Iberia.  The eastern battle was won at Vienna under a Polish general, and the western battle
was won at Tours under Charles Martel, centuries ago.

Incidentally, I never joined the Orthodox church because the priest said it was not correct to join
when one's husband was not Christian.  My husband Irv (who died on Epiphany 2009) was not then
a practicing Christian.  However, he had been raised in a Christian church and had left it for Unitarianism
later, then became born again when with me at a healing service years after my study with the Orthodox
priest.  The orthodox priest I studied with is also in Heaven, a dear person called Father Homer.  My
son and his daughter went to high school together.

Anyway, I myself am not predicting Epiphany as the date as I feel I am not called to suggest a date.
But I have always loved the Feast of Epiphany/Greek Orthodox Christmas, and I would love to
go home then.