Phil (1 Jan 2011)
"Prince William - More Informaiton"

John and Doves,

For the following information I am grateful to Jrcole at Watcher forum who published the link to –

Started nursery when he was 3 years, 3 months and 3 days old (1191 days).

William's first public appearance was on 1 March 1991 (Saint David's during an official visit of his

parents to  Cardiff, Wales. After arriving by airplane, the Prince was taken to Llandaff Cathedral,

where he signed the visitors' book, thereby demonstrating that he was left-handed.

8 years 8 months and 8 days old – 888. 3175 days.


He was 5555 days old on the day of his mother’s funeral.

480,000,000 seconds
8,000,000 minutes
133,333 hours
793 weeks (rounded down)

*793 is the English gematria of Barack Hussein Obama.


Look at the photograph above, it is when Princess Diana's hearse went by and the time is 10.23 and

at that moment (+/-20 seconds) Williiam became the numbers shown in the screen snap. He was born

at 21.03. Note the weirdly exact digits on days minutes and seconds.


From his first public engagement till the day after Princess Diana's death it is:


6 years 6 months.

He was baptised on the 216th day, August 4, Obama’s birthday.
Keep looking up.
God is still in control.