Ola Ilori (3 Jan 2010)
"29th of January 2011 - Possible Rapture Date!"

Hi Doves, 
Lisaleenie's dream:

1 1 1 9 2

That was it.. Just five numbers. Puzzled, I looked at the angel and asked him, “What are these numbers?” He answered me and said, “These numbers are a date.”
Lisa's 11192 = 29111 = 29 /1/11 = 29th of January 2011
I still believe the Jewish Calendar is 2 Months out.
This means the 29th of January 2011 = 24th Day of the 9th Month of Kislev!
The Lord as promised to bless us from this Date, according to the Book of Haggai.
"Consider now from this Day forward, from the twenty-fourth
Day of the ninth Month, from the Day that the foundation of the
Lord's Temple was laid - consider it...from this Day I will bless
you.' " (Hag.2:18,19)
Is this blessing the rapture?
Are we going to receive our glorified bodies and dwell in our mansions in the New Jerusalem, from the 29th of January 2011? 
I don't no,
Let's all remain diligent whatever happens.