Mary Adams (1 Jan 2011)
"RE :Frank Molver "Wandering Christian""

Your article reminded me of an excerpt I had pasted inside my Bible long ago:
"A team of five young pioneer missionaries whom the Lord had called to begin a mission in Rajasthan,
a north Indian state, had no money for train fare, let alone for food or rent.  Everyone discouraged
them and begged them to stay home.  But this was their answer:
"If we have no money to go by train, we will walk. (1,500 miles).  If one of us becomes sick and
dies on the way, we will bury him on the roadside, and the rest of us will continue on.  If only
one of us survives the journey and reaches Rajastan, and places only one gospel tract on the hot
desert sand of that state before he dies, we will have fufilled our mission, and we will have obeyed
our Lord". 
                                                                                                      From THE ROAD TO REALITY  byY.P. Yohannan
Perhaps these young men were inspired by another such team that had been in jail for preaching the Gospel. 
 They had been  released after a miracle and immediately set out on foot walking 100 miles to another city, 
preached for three weeks, until thrown out of there, kept going to another place, then another, then another
then another and kept "WANDERING" for the Lord until finally giving their lives.
 The leader of that group was a man named Paul.