Lewis Brackett (1 Jan 2011)
"Mayan Calendar 2012.They ran out of paper :)"

Mayan Calendar 2012…They ran out of paper :)
Sometimes the most obvious answers are the best…. The big kahuna/artist/elite bureaucrat in charge of the project
Thought that 12000 years was a nice round number….. He had only so much space on his rock….. He dreaded a really cluttered look….  And besides, he was paying the masons union wages…..
And if the world did not end in 2012, what are “they” going to do, dig him up and—–do what—– ???   To him……
Really, the ancients did look into the future through occult means. And they caught only random images now and again—through a glass darkly, to quote Famous…… They really could not know specific dates and events…..
The Aztecs were waiting for bearded white skinned men to return and assume power over the kingdom, which is why the conquest was possible. There was a lot of confusion in the native camp.
The Aztecs however did not know when the white men would return, only that they would return… Recent discoveries show that the Phoenicians  discovered the new world before 2000BC.
This shows that while the ancient Americans knew that the end of the world ((or the end of THEIR world?? ))
Was coming, they could not know precisely when…… Any more than today's experts know exactly when the end will come…..  Like the ancient Americans we know the end is coming; just not exactly when….
Lewis Brackett