Leigh (31 Jan 2011)
"to Christina re:  RED HORSE DREAM"

Christina,  Im so impressed with your dream because I have been watching Iran and their  slow  development of their nuclear plant in Bushehr all the time.... I read books about it and followed all the news since 2003. So it seems they will have this enriched uranium by april 2011. This dream is so timely and Im sure given to us by GOD ALMIGHTY to warn all of us about how late the hour is. Like what this Scott said, its 2 minutes to 12.... I feel that GOD found you worthy and because HE trusts you HE gave it to you. As long as you are ready for the rapture and also you were obedient to warn us, HE will surely protect you and your family. Ahmadinejad believes he must bring back the Muslim Mahdi by starting World War 111 so that  Iran can rule the world. Rest assured that  this message is a serious warning and also Perry Stone spoke about the Mahdi, who is coming from Iraq,  two weeks ago.  Things in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria and the Palestinians are building up around Israel and what you saw is prophecy which must come to pass!!!  Thankyou so much, GOD bless you and your family. Luckily we dont need to worry about it for its all in Good Hands. Our Almighty GOD and FATHER. GOD bless you. Leigh Australia