KP (3 Jan 2011)
"The Lord brings peace!"

Hi, I am not a regular poster on doves, but it has been on my heart over the past days to share an experience I had through which the Lord has given me an amazing sense of peace and comfort.....
To explain, my son Noah died earlier this year, the same night that he was born, and while I always knew that the Lord was in control and that it was good that Noah had gone to be with Him, sometimes it was hard to feel gladness, and easier to feel sorry for myself. That statement may sound strange, I know, but now I truly believe that the Lord never intended me to be distressed over what He did for Noah, but to rejoice in it and have peace! I now have a wonderful feeling of peace and joy about Noah and will no more be distressed or upset. I have absolute assurance and clarity that it was by His grace that the Lord took Noah, and He was with me through it all, and He strengthened me and gave me peace.
I feel that this could touch, and even help other God loving people who have ever lost a child and need to access the peace of the Lord, and the hope and joy that He can give you...
Here is my description of what the Lord showed me recently in an experience that has touched my heart and changed me:
Do not cry for me, nor feel any sadness...... for I am not gone from you, I am just a distance from you, living in a more beautiful and wonderful place than you can even imagine!
I am waiting for you here until the very soon day when you will come and join me, and experience the peace and joy and beauty and glory that I am now in and we will be together again, and for evermore.
I am never lonely here, or sick, sad or in pain. I am so greatly blessed of the Lord, for He saved me from the trials, and the uncleanness that the earth is saturated with.... and He brought me to His beautiful heavenly home to dwell with Him. The Lord's great mercy has brought me straight into His presence where I am safe, and by His love He has kept me from having to experience the things that you still endure... but I am waiting eagerly for the day when you will be with me here too, in peace..... and your trials will be no more....
So you see, what happened to me was not a bad thing............. it was the Lord's plan for me, and it is a wonderful thing! BE GLAD!  REJOICE!  REJOICE, AND SING PRAISES TO THE LORD FOR HIS MERCY IS GREAT AND HIS PLAN IS PERFECT! I have been saved, and brought into the Lord's holy dwellingplace..... how wonderful it is, and how happy I am here!
HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!! And though his plan is for you and me to be in different homes for a short while, He is still with you every day, everywhere you go, and He never leaves you. Your strength comes from the Lord alone and His peace and love go with you and He will give you what you need to get through every circumstance. The Lord may ask much of you, and you may endure many trials, but you will never be alone, and your reward will be great..... as every trial and hard thing you overcome in the Lord's power while on earth, stores up more treasure for you here in Heaven.
I hope these words are as much a blessing to others as they have been to me,
Your sister in the Lord Jesus, KP.