Kim D (3 Jan 2011)
"In response to: Don Flowers "Hidden prophecies in the Psalms and 2011"

You had mentioned J.R. Church and the Psalms and particularly Psalm 111.  It is funny that you mentioned this, because last night (12/31/10), just prior to midnight, my husband and I read this month's (January 2011) magazine from J.R. Church's website, Prophecy in the News (see weblink below).  Apparently there are some who believe that the Psalms are prophetic in nature and the number of the year corresponds to the chapter.  If that is true, then Psalm 111 is thought to correspond to the year 2011 and so on.  Here is the awesome thing that happened to us right after we read J.R.'s newsletter around midnight last night:  My husband and I went to two different rooms to have our time with the Lord before bed.  We are both using the Our Daily Bread as one of our daily devotions.  The scripture for Daily Bread last night guessed it....Psalm 111!!!!  I ran to the stairs and yelled up at my husband...."Did you do your Our Daily Bread devotion yet?"  He said, "Yes".  I said, "Did you notice the scripture?"  He said, "Yes".  I asked, "What do you think?"  He said, "God is AMAZING!"  You really must read this month's edition of the Prophecy in the News Magizine at the weblink below!!
Here is the link to the Our Daily Bread devotion from 12/31/10 that corresponded:
One more thing, in J.R. Church's article in the magazine he speaks about how these scriptures might be ones for Israel to look into the Sohd or "secret" level expressed in the Psalm.  I wouldn't even have known what he was talking about if I had not read another magazine written by a Messianic Jew delivered to my home each month.  This Messianic Jew teaches many wonderful things that has helped me to understand scripture a little deeper.  Here is the link to the December 2010 magazine that talks about the four levels of studying Torah and one of those levels is "SOD" or "SOHD" as J.R. refers to it:
If you enjoy that, you might also enjoy getting a monthly devotion from a different teacher who is a Messianic Jew.  This devotion is for Monday - Fridays with three different scriptures each Friday for the Sabbath.  This devotion is called Sapphires and I must say that the Lord has spoken to me many times through this as well.  Just a week or so ago, my Our Daily Bread and my Sapphires devotion both had the name "Johnny" in the title!  That made me think that I should pray for someone with the name John, so I listed out everyone I could think of with the name John and prayed.   Here is the website to recieve that devotion:
Each of these pieces of literature are free of charge and sent through the mail, so any financial suppor that you could provide would be very helpful to them I am sure.  It is well worth the investment!
Blessings to all,
Kim D