John B (4 Jan 2011)
"Is Arkansas a window of the prophetic future??"

Hi Doves,
Below are two emails I sent a couple of Christian bloggers describing why I think the Lord is laying out our near prophetic future as per what has been happening in "Ark'ansas----- and I thought I would share the emails with you.
John B
Is the Lord speaking to us via "Ark"ansas?? I am sure you guys are aware of what has been happening in Arkansas for weeks now. They have been experiencing 100's of minor earthquakes, recently unexpected (this time of the year) tornadoes, now thousands of red wing blackbirds falling dead from the sky and the death of thousands of one particular fish (drum) near Oz"ark", Arkansas.
Are we having events "as were in the times of Noah" as the new testament texts prophesized? Could it be that in the times of Noah when he was building the ark and people were scoffing at him (after he told them of the coming flood) that similar signs and warnings were provided by God to those people as well----- just before the end? I believe so---
It appears to me that God is fulfilling His New Testament warning that just before the end it would be as in the time of Noah. So focus on "arks" as in Ark-ansas and Oz-ark. Now the warnings as in 100's of earthquakes, severe weather and a "drum beat alarm" of dead fish. All warning of black death coming from the sky----as was in the time of Noah.
By the way, what are the chances of only one variety of fish and one variety of birds perishing when there are multiple species of birds and fish occupying the same water or air space?? He just "snatched" one species out of the air and water-----how bizarre is that!!! Kind of like He's going to snatch one variety of humans from the planet soon.There has to be heavy symbolism here with these events.
I am sure you guys can come up with more and better symbolism than I did with the drum and red wing blackbirds to build a more convincing case-----'cause that's what you excel at. Either way the events going on in "Ark"ansas to me are crystal clear warnings from the Lord that the door on the ark will soon close. Maybe the door on Arkansas will close as well if the New Madrid fault ruptures as many have speculated. And they can't say they were not warned. Only those "who have eyes to see and ears to hear" will discern what's going on.
Additional thoughts on Arkansas:
The symbol for the gentile church I believe is a fish and one of these days Christ's bride (fish) will be found dead (pile of cloths) or vanish with little explanation---- as were the one species of fish in Ozark, Arkansas found dead with little explanation.
Many have biblically speculated that Satan and his dark angels will be cast from the heavens at the same time the bride of Christ is taken up in the Rapture. The good and the bad will not occupy the same heavenly space at the same time. One will be going up as the other is going down so to speak. Could the blackbirds falling from the sky symbolize the casting down of Satan and his black angels?
Could these events in Arkansas be like previews of soon coming attractions when the bride (fish) are taken away at the same time Satan's black forces (blackbirds) are thrown from the heavenlies to earth??
And, as per the bible--- prior and future rapture or resurrection events were or will be accompanied by earthquakes. What have they been having hundreds of in Arkansas----earthquakes.
From the text or the video I sent you the witnesses mentioned that the birds fell from the sky "just before the stroke of midnight". I believe there are verses in the new testament that mention the midnight call of the Rapture.
Seems like God has covered all the bases of prophetic coming attractions------all one has to do is watch His big screen in Arkansas.
The town where the blackbirds fell was called Beebe---I have to believe there is significance there as well.
Appears to be a lot of meat in this sandwich---
In Christ,
John B