Joe M (3 Jan 2011)

Dear Doves,

My wife had a dream Sunday morning:

"I was in a room.  A crowd of people are in this room.  I saw Obama and some other people sitting on some chairs at a higher level than the others.  I heard them use the word veto.  They were discussing what should be done, and were saying to veto something.  Then I'm looking around the room at all these people.  To my right, I saw a lady with a microphone and it seemed like she was a reporter.  Then I heard people talking to the reporter about the wedding.  The reporter was sad because she's waiting for the groom and the groom didn't come and all these people are there.  I heard someone speaking behind me and I turned and looked.  He was telling the bride, saying that she's going to go through some tough times and he was encouraging her.  I heard the people start chanting, come, come, come.  In the dream, I was thinking he might not come now.  After I thought that, I saw him coming.  He came with another person.  I don't know if it was an angel.  His walking was brisk, and he took his place beside the bride.  There was silence in the room.

The Lord revealed to me that the thought I had in the dream is the thoughts of many of his children - that he's not coming now.

And he is going to show up without warning.  Please don't ever think that Jesus is not coming soon.  He's coming.  He wants us to watch.  While the world is busy, we must keep looking and listening for his coming.  Live rapture ready everyday.  And live a holy life.  So you can be found worthy to go with him.

Love you,

God Bless and see you soon,