Jim Bramlett (3 Jan 2011)
"Shocking new explosion of Christianity on the earth!"

Dear friends:

When the liberal, anti-Christian, mainstream media mock Christians and tell you that Islam is the fasted growing religion on earth, don't believe it.

Well, Islam may be the fastest growing "religious system" on earth where people, even newborns, are counted according to their oppressive nationality, but it is not the fastest growing personal faith.

See http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=245201.

This new article is about the book, "Megashift," by author Jim Rutz.  He says, "Evidence suggests a new, or, perhaps, original form of biblically inspired evangelical Christianity is sweeping through places like China, Africa, India and Southeast Asia – making it, by far, the fastest growing faith on the planet."


Christianity is overlooked as the fastest-growing faith in the world because most surveys look at the traditional Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church while ignoring Christian believers who have no part of either.

"The growing core of Christianity crosses theological lines and includes 707 million born-again people who are increasing by 8 percent a year," he says.

Hundreds of millions of these Christians are simply not associated with the institutional churches at all. They meet in homes. They meet underground. They meet in caves. They meet, he says, in secret.

And what is driving this movement?

Miracles, he says.

"Megashift" attempts to document myriad healings and other powerful answers to the sincere prayers of this new category of believer, including, believe it or not, hundreds of dramatic cases of resurrections – not near-death experiences, but real resurrections of actual corpses.

"When I was a kid in Sunday school, I was really impressed that 3,000 people were saved on the Day of Pentecost," he writes. "I thought, 'Wow, that'll never happen again!'"

But, Rutz says, it now happens around the globe every 25 minutes.

"By tomorrow, there will be 175,000 more Christians than there are today," he writes.

(End of excerpt.)

This sounds like the long-prophesied outpouring of God's Spirit on the earth.  See Acts 2:17.

I first became aware of this in the 1990s, and in 2001 researched the subject and helped the late Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ write an article about it, which can be found at http://www.choicesforliving.com/spirit/part4/revival.htm. For example, the article states that in its April 16, 2001 issue, Newsweek magazine reported:
"All across the African subcontinent… Christianity is a 24/7 experience (24 hours a day, seven days a week).... Here among the Ashanti and Baganda and the thousand other tribes who occupy the world’s second largest continent, Christianity is spreading faster than at any time or place in the last 2,000 years."
(This is an answer to doubters who say to the exclusive claims of Christ, "But what about the poor natives in Africa?")

If, as a Christian, the flood of evil and the pervasive anti-Christian media and government have made you feel beleaguered, be encouraged.  God is not asleep.  He is working quietly behind the scenes to build His kingdom and prepare as many as possible for His soon-returning Son.  He does not need human fanfare to accomplish His work.  On the contrary, His modus operandi is to work outside human limelight.

Remember: God wins and the devil loses!  I know, because I have read the back of the book.

If you are on God's side, with Jesus, you are a winner.  If not, you are a loser.  Be a winner and not a loser!