Jean Stepnoski (31 Jan 2011)
"The Exodus: Past and Future"

Dear Doves,
      The weekly Torah portion for 1-29 was from The Book of Exodus. The section was from Exodus 21:1 to 24:18 called Mishpatim. >From Hebrew, this means YHVH's ethical and moral guidelines. The sections deal with Hebrew Slaves, Widows and Orphans, Sabbath Laws, Three Annual Festivals, YHVH's Angel, The Covenant Confirmed, and  Sealing the Covenant, The centerpiece of The Book of Exodus is The Exodus Story. How curious that this week are the stories about the Egypt of today in the news, Egypt of the past in Exodus and Covenant in The Torah. What will the events of The Blessed Hope be for those men, women, and children participating? Will it not be a tremendous story, yet again, of Exodus? Will this Exodus include the Confirming and Sealing of Covenant? Once The Restrainer is gone, the Exodus of His bride and body, what will be the ethical and moral guidelines? Might His Covenant and Sealing happen again, perhaps after a 7-8 day period like that given the Noah family? That would bring us to Super Bowl weekend, notably 2-5 or 6. The combination of themes of modern and ancient Egypt and Exodus in the news and in Torah this week are fascinating.. The Blessed Hope will be a form of Exodus. There will be Separation, then the Departure of The Restrainer. The son of man will draw near .May He find us WATCHING!
With Love and Shalom,